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I have like a month playing starcraft and it is really difficult to me to get rid of tanks!! when i get a roach/infestor army, tanks just blow half of my army before i get to their base, and if i get mutas, marines kill them... any ideas??
I am not sure if this is the best way to do it because it akes a lot of Micro and I am only silver, but I use Mutas to harass worker line and keep lings on towers and expand if they don't attack. If they move out I attack while tanks are unsieged.also burrowed infestors with infested terrans are good unless marines are right not op of tanks, but if marines are right with tanks then something else is wide open for either Mutas or infested terran harass. The more harass and more expansions will cause him to move out eventually and with either towers or creep spread you will catch him unsieged.
the trick is to always always have control of the towers and engage before his tanks actually siege up. Ling bling is your go to vs marine tank until you have infestor tech. mutas work to if you have good control and can pick things off like medivacs,scvs, or tanks. Map vision is an absolute must as zerg because if that army reaches your front door then you will lose a good majority of the time. Has to be an mid map engagement at the minimum.
To be quite honest it sounds like your mindset is "which unit beats which unit", which can be valid in some situations, but in the whole of StarCraft 2 isn't really enough to get by. Roaches with good upgrades(relative to your opponents), a good concave, and with good infested terran placement can do very well against a tank based army.

You mentioned mutas and marines as well, so i'll assume you were playing against a strait forward marine/tank composition. In that scenario the preferable "unit comp" to get is ling/bling/festor. If the terran is going bio (marine/marauder/medivac) or bio-mech (marine/tank/medivac), then ling/bling/infestor is the go-to compostion. The only situation where actually committing to roaches is preferable is when they are going pure mech (tank/hellion/thor, splash of banshee)

All that said, if you work on trying to intelligently engage the tank army, get the right unit composition for the army the terran is going, and keep up with upgrades(extremely important) you should have a lot more success against tankz :) gl hf

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