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I am a silver protoss player and I win many of my games, currently I'm rank 6 in my division. Looking at my replay, do any superior protoss players have tips for me to up my game?
WOW I had a huge message typed up replying to this and the stupid page refreshed and I lost all of it! I'll type up a shorter version of it for you since it was pretty lengthy.

- You didn't get your probe into his base to see if he took gas or not. You really need to see that since it really determines how you're going react next.

- You 1 Gate FE'd without seeing if he took gas then you dumped a ton of money into tech/infrastructure. You had virtually no units for awhile. Any Marine/SCV pressure and you would have been dead I think.

- Take your robo after your first gate instead of going up to 3 gates right away so you can get your obs out way quicker and react more appropriately.

- You need some sort of splash damage out before 14 mins vs a T (coli or storm, either is fine, I find coli safer though). Gateway units get shredded vs MM.

- Get armor upgrade before weapons vs T since it helps to mitigate some of the crazy DPS of their units in the early-mid game. You'll really notice the longevity, esp on your zealots.

- I'm pretty sure you didn't attack move during the engage at 15:40ish or you A clicked one of his units. You want to hit A then left click the ground right infront of his army or else your units will just keep walking forward too far before attacking, like your coli did. Also bind your coli to a different key so you can micro them back (I use Q since it's useless-just change create/select control group for a number like 8 to Q in the keybinds). You could have saved them if you simply walked them back a little bit until they weren't being targeted anymore.

- You were sitting at 100 chronoboost on both Nexi (is that how you say it?) for awhile. You really need to be on top of that or else you lose a significant edge to the T and you'll quickly fall behind because of mules.

- Go double forge when your economy starts to kick in. Your upgrades were a bit slow (also a result of all the saved up chrono, but you'll get that in time!)

- Make way more gateways. You're sitting on 3 bases and 1800 minerals but only 6 gates. If you ever do a round of warpins and you still have more than 500 minerals you should consider adding more gates.

- What is this I don't even you took his 4th base? Pour Que?

- The terran had 10 more SCVs than you near the end of the game. You can't let the terran have more workers than you because that coupled with mules = GG to a terran that actually macros. If that guy actually spent all that money he was floating I think he would have eventually pushed through you.

- You only had 2 probes in one of the gases at your 3rd and no probes in the gas at your main at 21ish mins. You also had full saturation of probes in your main mining a basically dead patch (literally 25 minerals left in the entire base) but you only have a handful of probes mining at your fresh 3rd (and the 4th you took at his base lol)! I know the multitasking is overwhelming, esp in the late game, but things like that are gamebreaking! You also had no probes on gas at your 4th.

- You've got like 1700 gas while you're sitting at his tower a few mins before you go and kill him. At that point you should really tech to storm or get a butt-ton of Archons since your army was sorely lacking splash damage. You'll come to find that gateway units simply don't get the job done against a bio ball.

- Don't even bother getting the shield upgrade until you've got 3/3 Armor and Attack.

- Basically just spend your money as soon as you make it! If you're over 500 minerals or gas then start spending immediately!

I hope you don't think this was too critical of a post. You're definitely on the right track, you've just gotta fine tune the little things, since the little things add up so quickly in Starcraft. All that will come with more games so just keep playing m8.
Thanks so much Double, that was some really useful info :D I will keep this bookmarked for reference! Thanks again for putting so much time into this
I watched your video. Double did a pretty good job so I only have a couple things to add.

1. Stalker on the watch tower. Always. Hot key it....every unit counts. Not probes....probes is lost mining time. A stalker is fast enough to out run and kite the terran army back to base.

2. Observer use is crucial in this game. Place your army at the natural and on observer in front of the third.........or place an observer in front of the natural and army at the third........get the drift here......essentiall you want eyes and you want to strategically place your units to cover both the natural and third. You always want to get an observer out and find his army. Careful. Do not move it or they will spot it and kill it....Just keep track of his army....know where it is.....Observer use is criticial....learn to use them, but dont move them around much at all or they will be spotted and killed.

3. Against terran unless youve scouted no starport.........always try to keep 6 stalkers in the main vs drops. 6 stalkers can deal with all but doom drops. For this reason its almost critical in games going longer then 15 minutes that you tech to templar tech if you've chosen robo tech first. 1 ht in the main....1 ht in the drop.....additionally when you move out you want to have a couple hts with energy in reserve incase you get a waxing.....4 storms can mean the difference between winning and losing if a depleted terran army tries to storm your base after a major engagement.

4. Never place tech structures in the mineral line. I know some people do it. I do it...but until you can scout the mini map better and keep units in the main to defend against drops they are such easy targets for the terran to pick off. You lost your robotics and the cost of thermal lance that was researching because you had it conviently placed for the terran to snipe it.

5. Constant probes. Constant probes......constant probes. Never stop making probes. It should just be natural to have 50-55 probes at the 10 minute mark. If you do not have 50 at the 10 minute mark you are not constantly producing probes.
Good win, Achilles!

I think your Observers may have tricked your opponent into making such a high number of Missile Turrets and Ravens. I like your Cannon Farm Contain, and the placement/location was not bad. His 3rd base was completely undefended almost the whole game. It is strange that he marched so many SCVs into his 3rd and made Factories. He could have made Bunkers there and used his Medivacs to drop tanks and Marines into his 3rd. Force Fields dropped adjacent to the plateau could have re-directed those units toward your Cannon Farm. Cannon Farms are great for protecting your Colossi and High Templars. And Feedback is great against SO many Terran units.

Guardian Shield won the day for you. Coupled with your Energy Shields Upgrade, you cut the damage of the Marines in half.

I had seen a pro do something interesting on this map. He started with a complete Wall-in at the top of his Natural (against Zerg; this is not recommended against Terran). Then he placed his Nexus, built up an army, popped the Destructible Rocks, dropped a Warpgate Wall and Cannons at his 3rd, and placed his 3rd Nexus. As a pro, he was also doing exploring, harassing, and setting Proxy Pylons at the same time.

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