Velnrak are u gonna answer us?

Technical Support
ok man, are you gonna give us a real answer about the FPS drop issue or are you gonna keep skiping this threads??

you know, we are really tired because we cant play the game and because nobody from blizzard is trying to help us.

so, are you gonna say something to us no? i think you must talk to us.
Calling out a blue like that is the worst way to get attention.

Bump previous threads, look for old threads with information that might fix your issue.

But don't call people out.

What if someone came to you at work and said: Spirit, i gave you this job to do on top of 300 other jobs, and you haven't gotten to it in a days work! I think we need to talk about your employment situation.

blues work hours just like anyone else. Just because they haven't gotten to you, doesn't mean they have skipped it. They are customer service. You ever sat on the phone for 45 minutes and waited for someone? it's the same thing. but if several people come together with the same issue, it's more likely that it will get responded to faster. so bump threads, and state your issues.

Try to include things that may cause it. Throw in computer specs, etc.

Remember, Blues are people too =)
you are so wrong man.
we are having this problem since patch 1.5, it was like 4 or 5 month ago, i did everything they said and the problem is still here..

100s of threads were created, a lot of players told the blues the problem and they did nothing, they dont want to talk about it, they dont give us a real answer, computer specs have nothing to do with this, so im !@#$in tired of waiting and im tired of seeing how they skip all this threads.

in my work i give answers to people, when someone ask me something, i answer, so here im, asking for an answer, i wanna know what are they doing to fix this, i payed for the game i want them to fix it.
They are purposely skipping these posts because they are aware of an issue that they aren't willing to publicly address. Patch 1.5 broke this game with FPS instability for a large amount of players and they have been incapable of fixing the issue. Just like this recent patch where they add a little quip about "fixed some fps issues affecting some players" when in reality, it did jack squat.

They will go over first level worthless support rhetoric with you and waste your time when the root of the problem is their patch. Once you catch on to this, they will no longer assist you.

Developer management should be fired for gross incompetence, allowing this to go on for so long.
exactly, i did everything they said, dxdiag, etc, etc, they know this has nothing to do with our PCs, it was their patch!

all the games i have run perfect except for sc2, but the worst thing is that they skip this, they dont have the balls to tell us the truth.

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