Hots beta wont open after changing language

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I was in-game and looking through the options. I came across an option to change speech and text to "Italiano" I thought it would be cool, and i save it, and it said i had to restart the beta in order for the changes to take into effect. So I closed it, and when I went to re open it, It wouldn't open, some kind of error that I can no longer read because it is in Italiano. Please help. I want to play ):

423CA051-7AFD-4FDA-B252-15DD813DCAE9 that's my report number it gave me after the error occured.

P.S. I tried the repair option, but It still wont work :/
Bump, having the exact same issue. Changed the movie/speech as well as the text language to Italian, HotS no longer opens. The error message in Italian says "The installation of StarCraft is missing files" so I'm guessing there's an issue with the language pack (or lack thereof).

Screenshot of the error window:
Report ID: 26DFDCD7-1ED3-40E6-BE37-BAAB7A199BF0

Probably just going to uninstall and re-download it, but it's kind of a pain.

EDIT: Just found this thread,, seems to have fixed the problem.

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