Intels HD 4000 Graphics are impressive

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I recently bought a $600 ASUS laptop with an i5-3210M cpu clocked at 2.5 ghz which comes with intels integrated gpu.

It has no vram and relies on the systems main memory. I was surprised when I set everything to ultra besides lighting and shadows and was getting a constant 60-100 fps. My laptop did start to heat up a fair amount and I wouldn't play for long periods of time like that but damn.

I am not bsing you.

Just thought I would post this because I saw a few threads bashing on intels integrated gpu.
Intel integrated GPU sucks compared to the big two card makers. It can run SC2 well because you have decent enough CPU and SC2 is a CPU intensive game. Other games however will not work well at all.
Everything to ultra and constant 60-100 FPS ... in what, 4v4 full battle?
sc2 is more cpu dependent, than gpu
I have an ultrabook with intel 4000 integrated graphics and yeah, it's pretty awesome, and the form factor is nice too.

01/18/2013 06:38 PMPosted by Hibachi
Everything to ultra and constant 60-100 FPS ... in what, 4v4 full battle?

If he doesn't play 4v4, no problem... right?
I have a laptop with the i5-3210 as well. I don't use intel hd 4000 though. I got smart and bought a 7670m. Want to compare integrated performance to that? Heh.
While AMD makes terrible CPUs

Their Trinity CPU is vastly superior to intel's HD 4000 line. Its like a dedicated GPU
Going to try now, brb

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