Infestors in danger !!!!

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Dear zerg friends,

Blizzard has made some arrangements that clearly will make Infestors inefficient and eventually unusable ...

In the last HotS patch update, #11, ( was mentioned that the main use of Infestors would be "Fighting against Mutalisks" but we all know that the truth is that Zerg is very weak without infestors

How we will counter streams and and streams of marines?
How we will counter protoss death ball?

Come on buddies, don't let this happen
it doesnt matter. zergs getting ignored in hots. Get used to WoL because for us its just gonna be WoL 1.5
How can the main race of the expansion be ignored?
Ling/Bane/Muta vs Terran gogo
Mutas and swarm hosts are already only useful in ZvZ, now apparently Blizzard intends to make infestors another unit that's only useful in mirrors. Now if only any other zerg units could be buffed to make up for these units.
Yeah, I have to say Zerg is getting the short end of the stick in HOTS - not simply balance either, the new stuff is either useless or boring. Protoss got good (and currently unbalanced) stuff, and Terran has some significant new abilities and buffs.

Zerg got what? Hydralisk "speed"? Muta "regeneration"? An inferior siege-tank?
(or cry - you're going to be spending the first 10 minutes of every game just trying to build enough drones to replace the ones you couldn't keep alive)
01/09/2013 08:10 PMPosted by Herrblut
How can the main race of the expansion be ignored?

Because fewer people play it than the other races (excepting Random, of course). And there's even less incentive for people to go Zerg now...
i guess when kerrigan got cured of her infestation the zerg race dies. based on the patches i guess i know how the campaign ends now
nasreth please drop them replays on my post for ur lings zvts .. thanks
If only they gave us lurkers.
even though the infestor got some nerfs, the damage remains the same. its still two fungals to kill marines, the only differance being it can be microed AWAY from. maybe its just my gold logic talking; and i am by no means a top tier player, but the infestor is still useful. Its just not AS useful. On the brighter side infestor nerfs open the door for other Lairtech to get buffed.
infestors are not in danger. they got nerfed. they're still awesome.
nasreth just drop a replay u vs like a very hard ai terran.. its mostly i wanna see ur timings and such
Personally I find the infestor nerf good as it will hopefully stop it from getting massed. Anyways, to those people who are having trouble with ZvT in HotS I recommend going a roach/hydra composition. I have yet to lose with it to high level players unless I got outplayed or made a few major mistakes. I am working on a guide for it so hopefully will have that up sometimes this week :) But seriously, hellbats destroy and ling compositions so I recommend trying out roach/hydra. A good ratio is 3:2 (roach:hydra).
I haven't used my beta key because I'm worried that I will just nerd rage and not be excited for HotS. I'm hoping by the time it goes live there will be something interesting for zergs, or at the very least we won't have all our good units nerfed.

From some of the pro exhibition matches I've seen, the viper looks really really cool and fun. But, it also looks like you need vipers the same way you need infestors now. Which is kind of stupid, it will just replace infestor QQ with viper QQ.
well a big issue is zergs have been waiting quite patiently for some attentino in a patch. Most patches have been completely Toss or Terran based so far. So we wait quietly and put feedback on things like swarm hosts and whatever while Terrans were posting literally 15 different topics about how bad they were at TvP, or vs infestors, or taking a leak. Even saw one Terran make a huge thread about buffing the banshee. Then 2 terran patches drop in a row and suddenly they all turn around like they are the freakin slenderman comin at zergs who are now pissed off they havent gotten didly squat so far. Quite a few zergs myself included are now pretty much done with the beta because its not gonna be a zerg expansion but just a patch that happens to have vipers in it. But if zerg stays in WoL we wont have to deal with things like tempest,widow mines, oracles, mommacores, hellbats, or disappointment of the race getting worse
I don't know what everyone is so sad about. The Viper looks awesome, yeah it's hive tech but I can't wait to snipe some siege tanks with it. The Infestor is getting a nerf but it will still be deadly, and I think the swarm host is going to put pressure on opponents that either cause a mistake all in or cause him to lose macro.

Can't wait!

- Wes
Infestors won't be unusable, but they'll be delegated to a much less important role. While that's generally a good thing, it also means there's no efficient AoE capacity in Zerg's arsenal (I say this because the projectile coupled with the reduction in damage versus Armored both reduce efficiency a lot). Baneling/Infestor will still be very viable ZvT, but Banelings are still very vulnerable to poor trades, and it's still rather gas-heavy without the same level of a reliable transition to a late-game Hive-tech composition.

I see possible problems arising versus mid-game Protoss Colossus- or Storm-based pushes because of how vulnerable Hydras remain in a Roach/Hydra composition and the reduction in the Infestor's AoE potential, coupled with the late tech timing of Vipers.

I figure Roach/Hydra will become a mainstay of mainly ZvP and partially ZvT, with fast Hive for Vipers being incredibly necessary to pick apart Colossus-based deathballs via Abduct as well as reduce Protoss deathball and Terran Mech damage potentials via Blinding Cloud. This, in my opinion, is due to the higher range for more reliable application of the damage as opposed to Ling/Bling based compositions that can be out-ranged, split against, and kited.

As of now, I doubt Swarm Host will see much use outside of ZvZ.

All in all, the Infestor won't be dead, but it won't be as essential.

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