Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

Joeyray's Bar
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That could work.
Drak'Thul appears from a mist of shadow near Teo, sitting on a rail with his robe on, no suit and bandages over his abdomen and arm.

"You fight well, Teo." His voice is dark and low, but it is not sinister or evil and the tone is quite sincere.
Teo nods. "As do you. However, I will not be fighting again. I find that fighting for the entertainment of others is...unappealing."
"Indeed. Fighting for a cause is much better. I came here to pass the time while I await my next task. And possibly prove my worth." He brings up his scythe and trails his finger along the carvings.
"I know my worth, and I fight for no cause that isn't just, but with a government like the Dominion, I find that perhaps I am better off waging a guerrilla war against them."
*Hearing the conversation I smile devilishly* My finger above a button that said, "Release all Zerg from the Pens and into the fair Town", easily going to be a fun time for such a 'Cause'.*
Te he he he.
He chuckles, "I'd join you on the field with that." The staff collapses and he puts it in his robe.
Hearing the conversation, I grin, snapping my fingers. "CR, I just had an RP idea." Teo nods appreciatively.

"I would enjoy that."
Eh... What do you have in mind ze Pizzeria 'mon?
"What if Raynor inspired other groups to rebel and bring down Mengsk? Smaller rebel groups would start popping up that, while not able to wage the war like Raynor does, still does damage?"
Hmm... Intriguing. Does everyone own a little rebel group? I believe you already know my group under the ship known as Serenity and due to plot reasons... They colonists commandeered the ship after the Zerg began their newer invasion.
"Whether they lead one or join one is up to them, but overall, yes. And I'm aware of Serenity. Been awhile since you used them."
Yup, but also make it where they don't have access to the more advanced stuff until later from stealing... Or finding it off of the Black Market. The latter is less risky but more credits... the former is more risky but much much more dangerous to pull off.

*Calls in the Wraith Strike against a Dominion Supply Depot*
I just don't want to DM it. I want to partake, but not DM.
I could probably DM it... It will just take me awhile with how the setup is going to be. All I do know is that the Rebels can't be overly powerful as the very start, they wont win every battle... And I also believe that every person shouldn't have their own Rebel Group.
I figure three or four smaller, less important rebel groups. I'll definitely lead one with Teo.
Hmm.... Okay. Listening to some Two Steps From Hell - All Drums go to Hell is giving me some inspiration to a few of the scenes... Question is... Do we make them colonists? Ex-Dominon? Prisoners? Or allow them to choose between the three?
Maybe choose between the three. I mean, Raynor's group is everyone.
Hmm... I wonder how thrilled Korozain might be if he is the main villain? Besides from DM villain. Like he controls a Dominion Commando team hunting down these Rebels... His type of character... Loves killin'.
Could work. Definitely be interesting.

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