Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

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I have a nasty little surprise since at the beginning no one will have any decent equipment until later.... It either involves Zerg... Or Tal'Darim on one of their planets.
Maybe base the surprise on the group.
I'm thinking... Should the Rebels' Capital ship (Flying base of operations in this case their main locations become compromised) be a Hercules or an Older Class Battle Cruiser?
Make those the options, though realistically, only a BC could handle that many people.
So maybe a small handful of Hercules with makeshift weapons on them... Or an older Class Battlecruiser that can't take the same amount of firepower as the older ones but can house more people than the Hercules but you only get one. (Lore wise anyway.) I'm guessing everyone will pick the Battle Cruiser.
I will, but some people could surprise you.
I already have a few grand firefight scenes already pieced together in my mind... Some of them quite humorous. I could tell you them later, but this one in particular is a Firefight in secrecy.
What you do and don't tell me is up to you. I'm an RPer this time, not a DM.
Nah, not that kind of information that will benefit the RPers unless they use it as a strategy. Mostly about blending in with the the civilians... Go to the off duty Dominion's favorite pub/bar... If you are female trick them to go to bed with you... When they close their eyes, a gun is at their head and you pull the trigger. Basically this plan works well with the female Rebels. As a male... You could also be a bartender and poison the drinks.
Unless you're a leader, in which case you hangout on a backwater world.
Yep... In a wreck of a place, drinking whiskey (Rum for you), smoking a cig while drowning yourself in your sorrow. Remember kids, don't be a Jim Rayner, stressfully and mentally.
Nah, Teo will be training, as his backwater world will be covered in jungles.
Hmm... An old temple perhaps as a base of operations? Or some kind of Cave Network?
I'm toying with ideas. Might use an elaborate series of tree houses. Or maybe even an old underwater research facility.
Seems interesting .... hmm perhaps I'll use Tier with some modifications of course.
Interesting idea there, Zarkun. The underwater one would be the safest if done correctly while the treehouses will be a natural hiding spot but could be more risky.
Er... I forget, who's Tier?
We'll see once you get the thread a rollin'.
He was the char I brought in at the end of FOCC.
I'd certainly join that, and could help with some stuff if needed.

And I did not take it seriously. I simply tried to have fun with it.
*WormDude (Nickname someone on DA gave Dacder... XD) was thrown into ze abyss of the Hatchery... 400 Larva swarmed the Ovielord and started screaming and crying mentally. Jumping onto ze WormDude*

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