Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

Joeyray's Bar
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Stop calling me that, now.
Te he he he... Zarkun started it. But okay... The Larva wantz to feed on your creep!
Stupid laptop. CR I was also thinking spectre but not sure. If you want me to use a non psionic I will.
Er... A Spectre? That certainly is a death wish. Plus once they figure out that you are a Spectre with a group. Do you know how many Ghosts might be sent?
Think about the consequences of using a Psionic leader when the kill teams are sent out to remove the leaders. Who would be leading those teams?
I wouldn't be leading my own group. And yeah ... bad idea on using a spectre. Hmm ...
If you aren't a leader, it's not such a bad idea. I mean, you're a rebel anyways.
Honestly I was thinking of joining your group Zarkun. Perhaps as an officer but doesn't matter much to me. Gtg to scout meeting now.
I throw the Trapples at random robots.
Hem... Your logic is failure since there are no robots in this establishment. You got to love having your own realm of solace.
"I built robots."
And no there are none.
*Ze Robots built by the weird Protoss by the name of ShadowFury, were destroyed in a flash and sent to his realm*
A crappily drawn helicopter flies over. The words "Lolcopter" are also terribly drawn across the side (yes, this chopper is a drawing, dont ask)


The "lol"ing gets louder, but the monotone loling stays the same as it hovers down.

"So, who wants a new weapon and who wants to fight MY PET!?"
*One of my eyebrows raise*
Interesting design that has? And what about the weapon and pet?
"The new weapon is a gun-blade. It's a prototype model and I want to see how it plays out in combat." I pull out a pistol but the barrel itself is a large dagger. (Its about 3inch long and 5inch wide, the blade edges are vertical to the gun) I press a button under the handle and the blade turns vertically and the blade extends (so now its 6inch long and 5inch wide) "The gun mode fires 10x99mm rounds. A little bigger than the standard 9mil-meter handgun. My own design." 'My own design" wasn't needed, considering it's a kind of dark, ebony theme.
"My pet, is the Lolcopter." IT transforms into a crudely drawn robot with "Lolbot" written across the chest. The arms are .50 cal MG's.
*My other eyebrow raises....*
Er.... I'll pass on the pet....
The "Lolbot" makes a robotic whining sound, and changes back into the "Lolcopter" and lololol's away.

"Awe, whenever it shoots it makes the same noise... What about the gun though?"
The Gun-Blade is promising.
"Well, I could sell it to you. Have it as a prize and many other of my fine wares. Like this spear." I hold out a Paladin-ish like spear. "There is a 2 1/2 ft. chain attached to the tip of this baby." The tip is about 6inches in length.

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