Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

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I chuckle. "He's been...forced into retirement for a short time. I'll have an updated gunblade for him by the time things are ready."
Updated Gunblade.... Okay.... But that still doesn't tell me who he is... Unless this is a person who I forgot because you didn't use him at all pretty much?
"Bingo. He's only seen a couple different RPs, and all of them died."
Ah, that makes sense now.... I just hope I can get people to fight in the Arena.
"I will, and so will Teo, long as the pay is good."
Your pay also matters on who all bets and how much they all bet. Then of course if you are the loser... You already know what happens.
"Ah, but if Teo is to see action in other RPs, maimings only."
Yes... But you are also forgetting that this is a PRP...So nothing in here will affect his performance in anything else. He'll just lose a Kidney and a Liver and do to RPer magic.... He grows it back pretty much.
"Eh, true enough, though I'm not sure that smylez is concerned with his usual harvestings..."
I don't know.... If Slender (HBRB) loses in a match... Do you know how quickly Smylez will jump for his internal organs? But that is if he manages to lose.
A wild Abel appears! He is sleeping!

A wild Ceas appears! Its 'eye' is scarlet and looks very angry!
A wild Abel appears! He is sleeping!

A wild Ceas appears! Its 'eye' is scarlet and looks very angry!
I would.... Evacuate... Not because of Abel... But because of the tickle beam of death.
*Slowly backs away... But then a plan formulated in my head... I just put Ceas's love next to him and he broke down*
"Curse you Abel! You will feel the awesome power that is my death star beam! I shall destroy you on the sub-atomic levels and ensure that every step of the way will be painful and slow!"

Abel sleeps.

*Sits back and the Wild Ceas and the Wild Abel is engulfed by the Arena's Pit and a Shield surrounds them. Everyone was cheering for the Wild Ceas and millions of millions of credits were flying in the air, betting on the Sentry.*

So Smylez... you gonna harvest Abel's Liver and Kidney when Ceas obliterates him?
"I have no idea what you are talking about."

Ceas floats in the air, "Maybe if I squash your body in a multitude of force field, you'll be awake!"


Abel's body is stretched to unimaginable proportions but still, he is sleeping.
*The crowd grew intensely excited*
Hmm... What other Wild Characters do you have?
A hologram appears!

Ceas <Sentry> (25 HP, 50 SP, 650 energy)
Armament- Ion Beam {36 range, 234 damage} Disintegration Field Projector {8 range 10 damage}
--Guardian Shield, Destabilize, Repulsion Field, Caster Love, Medieval, Stasis

Abel <Ghost, Medic> (75 HP, 300 energy)
Armament- Lance {4 range, 30 damage}, Magnum {10 range, 21 damage}
--Reflex, Heal, Blink, Psionic Reinforcement, Mind Control, Soul Release, Caster Love

"Still sleeping?! Maybe if I blow up the force fields in your face, the noise will wake you up!"

*Gigantic explosion of the FF. The dust settles and Abel is on his feet.*

"What's the big deal here? What time is it?" asked Abel languidly.

"It is time for you to get disintegrated into particles!" yells Ceas.

"Hoooooo?" squeaks Abel.

"Don't hoooooooooooooooooo me! Time to die!"

The beam shoots at Abel....

Someone tell me what Abel's abilities are again? Been a while.
Er... Mach 5 speed which means when he does that just have Ceas use Force Field and Abel goes splat?
He can be engulfed by crazy mojo jojo stuff that makes him black.
Is the arena fully running yet, love to try my new NON cat based weaonry. The old stuff is locked up
You just have to wait until Smylez gets down with whatever. :\

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