Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

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Abel dodges at mach five speed. He appears right in front of Ceas' face in the blink of the eye. He raises his fist, imbued with his overly mojo-jastic psionic juice, and hits right where the 'eye' of Ceas is located at.

The repulsion barrier knocks Abel backwards and Abel 'gracefully' begins to land on his feet. As he is still midair, he sees a beam coming at him and he eats it in the face. The force of the beam knocks him to the wall.

"As expected according to my calculations. No one can dodge while still moving mid-air. Yet you are still alive. A slight miscalculation? No matter, everyone demands your lost."
Abel casts Soul Release!

Abel casts Psionic reinforcement!


Abel disappears and reappears on top of Ceas with his nigh-impenetrable lance!

Abel has broken the system!

Ceas LOLS!

Ceas repels the lance!

Abel is destablized!

Ceas creates Nightmares of himself! 7 more Ceas appears!

All of them shoot their death beam!

Abel is defeated!

/Victory Fanfare!

"I learned new tricks unlike you who slept all day."

Both combatants fade from the ring!
*I pass Smylez a big chunk of the bet that people had bet their credits on, for he destroyed a Wild Abel with a Wild Ceas*
I would enjoy doing business with you.
"That's a lot of credits. Could probably refinance my clinic."
Yep... And you could... "Fix" up the injured contestants. We need someone from a medical background.
"I'll do it. My assistance will be here if I am not available."

I gesture to Butler who has taken a more feminine form.
hey CR while all tyhe Zergg and stuff are not allowed to be unethically treated you can buy a Nyan Cat for the arena as it is practically invinceable and feels no pain.
Er... I'll pass on the Nyan Cat...
As for the Zerg I bought from you, don't worry.... Last time I checked, Larva are boresome to watch.
Well come down to the pet shop as a Queen from our next ship,ment has come in early so I would like to give it to you for FREE. It will take care of the Larva.

EDIT: See you have recieved it :D
Having served extensive amounts of wings and pizza during the match, I take a break, sipping my Code Red. "Holy bajebus. That was insane."
"Hey, you got another one of those?" I say, suddenly in the seat next to him.
Taedaris comes out with a two liter bottle of it. "That work?"
"Yes sir." I take it thankfully and start drinking it while I disappear. (The bottle still being there though.
"Ok then." I continue sipping mine. "So when's the next match?"
Whoever wants to go up next? Now... Who wants to make the Fried Liver and Onions?
*As I took Abel's Liver and tossed them into an Ice Chest*
"I've got a friend. Just too lazy to find out where to sign his a$$ up."
I point at a sign up sheet. "Right there, Koro."
*I activate my Zerg Breeder Persona!*

Walking in with the Queen and the 400 Larva following me, we decided to take a trip down to the holding cells so they can see the savages... Once down there I put them into a special Hatchery Environment so they can grow to be the best Battle Beasts of the Arena.

Coming back up, I stop at a table and sit down, my fedora was off. "Manage to buy my new stock from Mecha at a cheap, cheap price.
I nod to CR. "So I heard."
I chuckle. "Te he he. I tricked him... And now he can't get the back because you can't refund a pet!" Does a diabolical laugh.

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