Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

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"He could break in though."
If any of those Zerg get killed o are mistreated you will be unable to buy anymore.
Technically speaking, Mecha, you don't know.
"Zarkun.... Until he can get past an energy disruptor field.... Sure. And it doesn't matter at all, Mecha. I just bought 400 and got a Free Queen... I can start my own Hatchery and Hive and will never have to buy my Zerg based stock ever again!""
I walk to the winner of the last match, Ceas. "Hey, want to keep the win-streak goin'? Ceas, is it?"
User Name: Zarkun

Character name: Teo Terminus

Character equipment: Gunblade (Only existing one, for appearance), Twin Skullshredder MPs, TRN-200 Custom armor system

Character description: 6' 0", sun-tanned skin, green eyes, Triangular scar on left cheek, Athletic build

Character history: Teo is a mysterious soldier from another time and another place, who's come here to fight for glory and maybe make his name known in a few RPs.
So... the only Gunblade in existence? That's a little farfetched... Then again... He is from an alternate Universe.
User Name: Korozain

Character Name: Drak'Thul

Equipment: Shadowsteel scythe(the blades use Pure Dark energy for the blades)
SGA - Fang pistol, light Shadowsteel fibre Reaper suit, plating on some areas.

Description: 5'9", no skin showin, wears black robes over his armor and a mask. Slim body build.

History: Shade Gheist warrior who has been named "Death" for his work, and now fights to prove this title in the Arena
*Evil Grin*
To spice some of ze things up! First match shall be Teo and Drak'Thul... Against each other... You shall be the opening act and show that crowd some excitement and I garuntee y'all that they'll pay big time during your next matches.

Now... Who wants to pick the environment through the holographic combat adaptability changer? Or like how I like to call it... The HCA.
I speak up. "Jungle."
Hmm... And mister... Korozain? What does your contestant want? Then we shall do a quick dice roll with who goes first. You pick a number out of one-hundred... And I'll close my eyes and randomly pick a number, the closest gets their environment picked.
"Black Forest."
May you please describe this Black Forest so I know what I'm expecting?
"Night time, forest with tall, coniferous tree's."
Hmm.... Okay... pick your numbers!
"Picked. Do I tell you now or later?"
"I am ready to treat them if they are wounded. What happens if they die?"
If they die... They lose one kidney and their live to you. And they also have to be in the clinic until they are rested up... And yes you have to tell me the number. I'll have Morph pick the number.
Alright, I picked 9.

Edit-Sorry, missed the zero, my Dominion match was about to start. I meant 90

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