Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

Joeyray's Bar
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I come in, and sit down, ordering a Scotty Bolgers old no.8.

"This should be good. Say, I wonder if I should fight.."
Morph chose the magical number that is 100.... He decided to be a smartass so I guess Zarkun gets the Jungle... And the others can vouch for me that Morph picked the number.
"I really did and did I say 100? I meant 100.1" /trollface
I walk over to the sign up sheet.

“Eh, why the hell not..” I say, putting it in.

Name: Old Noname
Equipment: Himself
Appearance: A 6 inch, blue Jellyfish.

Abilities: Transparency (Extremely hard to see), Shock (High-damage melee attack), Low Body Mass (Can go through some objects and some objects go through him, he can also “fly”...actually just propelling himself through the air)

"And now I play the waiting game." I say, sitting back down, a mysterious canister in my hand.
I look at the Jellyfish with scheming in my eyes. "Oh, the pizzas I could make with you..."
Zarkun: The Jelly is in the canister. And if he dies you may have him.
I do a fist pump of victory. "YES!"
I grunt. "A true Shade can adapt to the darkness of anything..."
Get into ze pit and the match will automatically start. I'll be indisposed while playing on ze 360... So no cheap shots. I want the most honorable person to be the referee for the fight.
"I'll do it."
*Passing him the classified information that could lead to the overtaking of Korhal*
You have your mission... Get to it.
"I'll do it." I say, standing up in the crowd.
Dacder... You may ref with Smylez.
*Giving him classified documents to the planned invasion on Shakuras, along with it came a plan on using Psi Emitters as well*.
As Referees... Hold this information dearly until the match is over and then return them to me... no one can now about it.
"What's so important about this information? It's just watching to make sure it's a clean fight..."
"Because, Korozain, becuase."
I turn to Teo and he nods, stepping down into the arena after checking his equipment.

OOC: I am now shifting to Teo as first person.

IC: I walk into the Jungle and sigh, listening to the familiar sounds and feeling the familiar heat. No one knew it like I did. I quickly vanish into the underbrush, looking for my opponent.
Ummmm Zarkie, Outbreak pweeez.
OOC: Same with me for Drak'Thul

IC: I climb up a tree and stalk among the canopy of the jungle, searching for my prey.
"Both challenger has warped into the field! Now now, they can't hear us. I will be commentating today's match when I am not asleep! Joining me today is Dacder! Dacder, any words? Should I be solo commentating?"
I draw the gunblade, watching anywhere for my opponent. Finally, I notice some moving tree foliage and grin. Not so graceful as you'd like to be. I fire and move quickly and soundlessly to a new spot, waiting for the hit or miss. And for his reaction.

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