Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

Joeyray's Bar
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"No you should not be! As you can see here, they're both looking for each other. I think that Korozain's person has the advantage, being on high ground." *Zarkun's post is made*, "And the first shots have been fired!"
"Mr. Dacder, who is your favorite to win in this match up?"
"I'd say Zarkun's character, simply because Zarkun's character are always overpowered." I say, chuckling. "And your favorite?"
"Hear! Hear! I say Drak'Thul. He's got something to prove here. You read his bio? He's a "Shade Gheist warrior who has been named "Death" for his work, and now fights to prove this title in the Arena!" That's intimidating! I do hope his words aren't just for show!"
"Ah, but we all know they are!" I say, my chuckling continuing. "Either way though, the fans are the ones that truly win...well, specifically you, smylez, since you get the liver."
"I get the what now? Let me check the terms...huh, I do get the livers. Why was that arrangement made? Never mind that, back to the games!"
Appearing behind the two commentators as I was ready for bed.
"Now boys... I want this thing here running all night if y'all have to. And that's right... You just don't get the liver, but the kidney as well! Reason being... What if someone needs a liver transplant or a kidney transplant?"
OOC: Back to me for a moment.

I laugh at CR. "Says the man wanting to use Abel's liver for fried liver and onions."
"Will do, sir. I'll just help smylez out now, and tomorrow I'll have my pet fight."
I stop, I hear movement...

I use my silenced pistol and shoot the branch off of a tree near where I think the target is.
The branch lands where I was previously, but I now know where he sits thanks to his bullet. I shoot his branch out from under him, and move again, remaining soundless.
OOC: sorry,AFK for shower

Like 10 min
Looking over at the man eating his own creation of wings and pizza. "My good female Medic friend turned male Marauder... Haven't you read the description for the Liver and Onions? His psionicly charged Liver would be perfect for a protein rich treat!"
*Jukeling walks in*

Hm. He must have read the OP.
*Looks around feverishly and then back at the Roach.*
You know... He needs a job while he gets back onto his feet after his other areas of work had... Shut down.
*Jukeling looks at me pleadingly*

Gah, alright, fine. Here's your work permit.
Hmmmm the Jukalisk could be hired??????
The Jukalisk.... Annoying as hell.... Aggravating... A special bullet through his head... And the Jukeling really needs this. Jukalisk can work in your pet store.
*Jukeling does "big sad eye" routine*
*I couldn't resist it's big sad eyes... It was so cute for being a Jukeling*
What do ye want you little fella'?
*Is pondering if one like myself should add ze Creepshake to the menu?*

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