Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

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I flip backwards, somewhat knowing his location. I fade into the shadows as I land then roam through the jungle floor.
As if on cue, which I personally wouldn't be surprised, two large snake creatures slither out of the trees, one after me and the other after my opponent. Of course the Theeds choose now, since we've both revealed ourselves. I switch the gunblade into it's sword form and watch for both my opponent, and the Theeds.
He just wants a job, most likely.

G'night all.
*I smile at the young Jukeling and hand him a Creepshake that I'm going to add onto the Menu later*
You are hired my young, Jukeling friend.
"And now the actions really picking up! I fully expect the snakes to be defeated, how about you?"
"Theeds? I'll tell you that they have a very nasty venomous bite and they enjoy lurking in tree branches, masquerading as vines! Nocturnal too! They have a habit of swallowing things whole. Don't let the size fool you! They are quite nimble!"

"It's too early to say, but I agree with you. Be a shame if one of them loses to a Theed.
I bring out my scythe and slash it with ease.
You're a bit premature there Koro, but that gives me an edge.

IC: I come out of the underbrush and swing my sword for his head. "Will you prove worthy?!"
I say nothing and use the other blade end and immediately after slashing the snake things and smack it away and go in for another slice across his chest.

OOC: its essentially a dark Templar scythe but with black energy and a black ornate metal
*A whistle is suddenly blown, a referee appears from the underbrush.*

"Unnecessary roughness, Zarkun. 15 yard penalty, I in the wrong sport?" He suddenly disappears.

*Back to me*

"Well, that was...odd. But the action's really picking up!"
I step back, allowing the scythe to pass by harmlessly and slash again, this time aiming for the chest. The other Theed waits, intending to strike while we were distracted.
Koro, Me and Zarkun are waiting on u in Oyutbreak.
"Dacder, when would it be an appropriate time to interfere? Won't the audience want to see a lot of blood and broken bones?"
"When these two just aren't enough! When someone cheats we'll just throw a lion at them or something."
OOC: Mecha, what did I say. About reminding people. I WILL GET TO IT

IC: It grazes my robe, I then jump back and fade in with the vegetation, hoping the THeed will get him...
I vanish back into the underbrush as well, my armor blending perfectly. Two can play that game... I notice the Theed and move slowly around it. The buggers were sneaky.
I bring up my two pistols and try to flank around. I channel my energies into the pistol so that the next few shots will be killshots...
I spin on my heel, my sword returning to gun form and then I holster it and draw my own MPs, noting the sound of him moving the brush and fire, dashing behind a nearby tree as the Theed rears up and hisses, spitting venom in both our directions.
I get hit in the arm. I unleash a volley of fire upon him with high power, dark rounds. I easily dodge the venom.
That was more pray and spray than aim...maybe I should do that more often...

IC: Most of it hits the tree but one grazes my leg and I grin rather than wince. Finally, a worthy opponent. The Theed hisses in annoyance and spits again before vanishing back into the undergrowth.

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