Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

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"Enough with this annoyance! I came here to fight a man for once! NOT A PEST!" I say in angered annoyance and shoot a ball of dark energy at the ground where it was going.

After that I am nearly drained and I pull back to the canopy and hop along the branches and try to recuperate.
I spot him climb the trees and follow, using the vines to help speed me along until I'm beside him. "Hello there, Drak'Thul." I swing sideways and let go of the vine, drawing the sword from of my gunblade and swinging down at his head.
I duck down and swing my upper body to get some momentum and also swing my blade around and slash vertically, still spinning the scythe.
The two blades strike each other and I use the momentum to bounce me up, landing on a branch across from him. I remain ready, waiting for his move.
I feign a throw of my scythe and pull out a is to, swiftly, and fire 4 shots at his legs(2), chest and right side.
I simply drop to hang on the branch, drawing my own MP and firing at his entire midriff.
I jump off the trunk of the tree and fire more upon him until I land on another branch below him.
I throw strange apple-like fruits that the juice within them melted all non-organic material at the combatants.
A few security guards escort ShadowFury from the building.

"And what a shoot-out this is!"
I swing up and over and avoid most of the rounds, one grazing my leg again and then I drop on his shoulders. Wrapping my legs around him, I flip back and slam him into the tree trunk and let go, standing on the same branch with my sword.
I throw the apples at their faces, causing an immediate physical pain then a stinging pain from the liquid. I re-enter and throw the apple things at Dacder. "I call them Trapples."
The apples are all telepathically destroyed.

"And...we have a knucklehead throwing apples...great."
I fall and use the shaft of the scythe to change the direction of my fall ten slide on the dirt and fire at the branch above him and the one he's on then draw my second pistol after putting away my scythe.
I leap back, flipping and landing on the ground, switching the gunblade back to gun form and firing on Drak'thul, catching some of his abdomen.

OOC: That was a given since you have nothing but your back underneath you.
My armor takes most of the power, but my flesh is still punctured. I launch a bolt of dark energy at him, at least to distract him so I can recover, I take cover in some shrubbery and allow my armor to help regenerate the wound.
I duck the bolt, but it grazes my shoulder and I grunt. That was a dirty trick, especially since i had only my skills and weapons. I fire into the shrubbery where he'd taken cover and then focus, eventually managing a charged bolt of light energy, Drak'Thul's polar opposite.
I am no longer there, but the bolt impairs my vision and energy, but I press through the fight. I had climbed up the back side of a nearby tree and jump on him and attempt to slam his face to the dirt with be hand and fire some rounds with the other
I catch his gun hand on the edge of my sword and and slide, severing the muscles that would have pulled the trigger before, grabbing him with my free hand and slamming him onto the ground. "You have been a worthy foe." I slam my blade into his gut and twist.
Blood gushes from his mouth, his mask had fallen and his bloody teeth show a smile. "And so have you..." I put his hand to his chest and with the last of my energy, I release the last of my energy and hope its enough to shorten his life some.
Teo's..mask never came off...

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