Memorial Arena, Grand (Re-Re)Opening

Joeyray's Bar
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An announcement is heard.

"The previous play is under further review."
OOC: editing...
OOC: Don't.


A referee in black and white pinstripes appears.

"The mask was, before now, not mentioned. Therefore, the action by Korozain is allowed if he so chooses. If he wishes, he may edit his post. Otherwise, the fight will carry on as though the action had happened."
Oops, already did... And yeah it wasn't mentioned as far as I know I shoulda been able to do that...

IC: "Korozain may re-edit if he so chooses. Such is the ruling of the ref."
You're commentators, not refs. Arena fights don't have Refs.

IC: I feel the burst of energy and chuckle, countering what I could of it with the last of my own light energy, but still taking some damage. Pulling out my sword, I swing, taking off his head and then walk away, vanishing back into the jungle.

Zarkun: smylez and I were clearly hired as refs. Therefore, I am allowed to say whether or not something's allowed. Your opinion on my decision is irrelevant.

01/13/2013 04:39 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Get into ze pit and the match will automatically start. I'll be indisposed while playing on ze 360... So no cheap shots. I want the most honorable person to be the referee for the fight.
Actually, it is very relevant as he said himself, COMMENTATORS.
OOC: back to me

IC: "Well, here goes that guy. To anyone that wants to beat Mr. Teo, I suggest you arm yourself properly. Come to my shop and get some badass gear!" I say at my little kiosk

I'm goin off to bed
Soooooo....regardless of said chosen action, is someone going to get the two out of the pit?
"Teo has infuriated the refs. Teo has provided a lack of evidence for his claims, while the refs have. Due to the circumstances, Korozain will have a chance to challenge Teo soon-ish in another match. Teo will participate with a minor handicap."

*The crowd cheers wildly at this.*
Bull !@#$. Flat out Bull %^-*. I took the damage and the best RPer won.
It's no longer about that. It's that you QUESTIONED MAH AUTHORITAH!

Seriously, relax, it won't hurt you to fight with a itty-bitty disadvantage. I promise to make it a fun one.
Te he he.... They are commentators and refs... You also seem to be forgetting a key point here. Don't worry there Zarkun... Dacder is just Power Hungry from his duties.
*Swipes back my important documents.

Te he he he... And think of it as a sampler match for the crowd... So in a sense, no one won, nor did anyone lose. But it will line my pockets up with money when people bet for Drak'Thul... For this wasn't the real thing and he could very well lose next time. :3

On other news... Have fun fighting while shacking hands with one gun at their testies.

*Teo has a cheap shot ready for him because ze owner of this fine establishment gave it to him.... Now I just have to wait until he... DOEZ ET NOAW!*

*Scanning the real SF I decided to do something... Punting him down into the pit, several of those Minotaur like creatures did their thing and SF was babbling and crying like a little child. He was foreverly tormented by what just happened. And this was the real SF because this was my place and he couldn't do anything to stop it. And those creatures were indestructible because they were created to guard such establishments, immune in this thread... But other wise vulnerable in others.*

Me....Winz. :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Teo and Drak'Thul left the pit...
Then meet up. :3
I think Teo may find himself a new hobby. Says that the Arena isn't quite what he's looking for.
Hmm... Okay... Anyone else in particular? And maybe it was a mistake to have Dacder has a commenter and a ref... He took his role to seriously. I'll go stick WormDude in the cages for some alone time... Maybe do an experiment with his natural body creep.
Could see what happens when you stick an Overlord with freewill and Infested Kerrigan in the same cage.
Hmm... or how about the screams and cries of 400 Larva pounding against his skull?

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