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Not usually my place to whine or QQ but recently all in encounter is protoss all ins. Whether they be pure gateway or immortal, sentry all ins. Nothing i do seems to work. Roach is the only thing i have minor success with. Most recent i saw protoss FFE. My response was a quick 3rd. which went up with success. I knew a push was coming so i had ling speed and decided to go infestor. Reason being i have had NO success with pure roach. End result is he walks in zealots kill all my lings, i kill maybe 2 zealots. Infestors come out, do no damage, pushes in and wins. I even tried hydras, but force fields destroy unit pathing and make engaging impossible. Maybe im doing something wrong. some tips or pointers would be nice. thanks :)
Tough to give specific advice without a replay showing the problems you're having. Make sure you're hitting all your injects, you have enough drones, spread creep when you can, and you're scouting enough to be prepared for what they throw at you.
HA Injects are far from the problem, nor is drones OR creep spread. The problem is the timing of the pushes and the general over all strength of the Protoss units. I know when the pushes are coming. Its that fact that it hits usually around Lair finishing. Which most zerg players will have a roach warren or just lings. which Gateway immortal flat out counters.
No offense but thats a really crappy response. Injects and creep spread? im not bronze -_-
The problem is your scouting. You should know if he's going 7 gate all in, 6 gate+robo all in, 4 gate, 3 gate robo, etc, and react.

Macroing well up to the very last moment to make units is key. It's always advised to make spines, have some roaches (unless it's a 4 gate), and just pump lings with that and hold.

Lots of queens don't hurt. Transfuses are beautiful.

but yeah, replay is nice.
I did pump lings last minute with roaches and they get destroyed. The problem is NOT scouting. I know when the pushes are coming. I've tried everything. Nothing works. Except unconventional play. That seems to throw them off well enough. Unless i can get a straight up answer of how to beat these compositions with a Zerg composition my opinion shall not change.
You're not masters either. I'm diamond and still make plenty of mistakes. I'm betting since you're platinum you make even more. I can guarantee you that balance isn't holding you in diamond, even if you never win against protoss. The only thing keeping you in platinum is your play. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can begin to improve.

You provide no replays of any games, there's no way anyone can give you advice that will help you aside from general advice. Give us replays so we can see how you play and can tell you exactly what you could have done. You won't get any straight up answers if you can't be more helpful.

You're welcome.

The only 2 base push that should ever work is sentry/immortal.

Get a 6:45 roach warren if he has no natural gas at that time, and get a 7:15 evo and ling speed first. Make roaches to defend a gateway push.

If he does have natural gas, get 7:15 roach warren + evo, and go lair first. You should hit 70 supply by 8:00, and cut drones at 65.

Then grab a macro hatch, mass roach/ling, and win. roach/ling max works even at >1k points masters (Oh, Protoss players ;) ), so if you execute it correctly, you should have no trouble with it working.

Protoss 2 base all ins may or may not be balanced, but it's neither your nor my place to say so. It's DEFINITELY not in our best interest to worry about, because you're losing because of the mistakes you make, not balance!
Thank you YoloSwag for the competent response. It is appreciated.

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