Are protoss imba???

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Hello guys i have officialy a BIG 0% WIN record against protoss player... Seems that i can harrass well in the beginning then i loose to massive stalkers, immortals and colossi ? Are they imballance cuz i try LOTS LOTS LOTS of tricks againts em. I try 6 pool, then i gain some time and i can go for early 3 hatchs. STILL LOOSE. I try nydus harrass on expand, kills lots of probes. Then he built non stop cannons and i just cannot enter base or i get obliterated, i try to wait outside and split my units so colossi wont be as good. STILL LOOSE. I try tech rush like muta, STILL LOOSE to mass stalkers with early flash tech. I realy need help to get better against protoss cuz right now I AM REALY REALY mad and pissed. Everything just ends up obliterated by these pesky stalkers. I need some help againts em, especialy mid to late game.
i too have problems with toss. you can try moving towards infestor and teching to broodlords, this combo seems to be the best answer. although surviving to that point is very tricky. but if you end up playing mind games with toss and tricking him to stay at your base and make him think your army is bigger than it actually is while you tech, it would work best.
I heard alot about Massive zerglings,ulta,hydra, and some corruptors to kill the collosis. But my zerglings loose their advantage when he macro the stalkers with flash etc. I surround him then he flash back. Then the other wave of stalkers flash back and etc. SO lings are just doing !@#$ dmg in the end. If some plat and diamond could help me with REAL GOOD TIPS AND TRICKS to get better i would realy appreciate.
If blink is giving you trouble, infestors can prevent stalkers from blinking with fungal growth. I noticed you were in bronze, so make sure you have a decent drone count to support a lot of production. Pay careful attention to your queens as well, you want to be injecting with them throughout the game. If you see that they've spent a lot of minerals on cannons, take more bases and stop them from taking any more bases and just try to starve them out with a superior economy.
Have you tried perfecting your mechanics while doing a fast 3 hatch into fast 200/200 roach ling ? I generally do this against FFE, I deny his third if he tries to take it and attack when I hit 200 pop (around 12:30-13min) and repop if needed.

In gold league, according to some masters players, you shouldn't have much problem beating Protoss players by using this technique. I have a very good success rate that way.
Yes, Protoss are imba....seriously just ask for help. Obviously one can argue Zerg is imba, based on pro results. To get back to the issue, scouting and reacting is key. toss is my toughest too. Watch for key areas of where proves like to make proxies. Scout the base and see if a second base is being made. You can't play blind, there isn't much wiggle room, but is not imba as you suggest. B
toss has always been my easiest. but then again, most of my practice buddies are toss players.

try that. get toss practice buddies.
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when he macro the stalkers with flash etc.

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Are they imballance

Basically, but that's not important to you. You simply need to better your mechanics.

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