Upgrading my system. Advice?

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Give this guide a good read:


It'll tell you exactly what to get, and what to look for (especially TL;DR section).
Thank you much! Appreciate it :)
if you get a beast like the i5 3rd gens. There isnt actually any need for overclocking. The people that are overclocking these already extremely strong processors are just trying to stroke their p-e-n-is.

My reason for getting the k version and an after market fan, is that in the next few year, i have no idea if a game coming out will need more processing power . So i have the option to overclock, But i dont overclock just for the sake of overclocking. Right now i running everything at stock and i think i wont need to overclock for a very long time. This cpu is just to beastly LOL.

When you play farcry 3 and none of the cores go past 45% for longer than a second, its just way over kill . Overclocking wont give any more frame rates because the game already has the cpu power it needs.

How to know when you should overclock ? just get a simple program like core temp. It will tell you the core loads during a game. If you see any game or program put a core at 100%. Then you will see a benefit from overclocking. But as i mentioned, i havent seen a program or game even come close to pushing 100% on any core of the 3570k. So i dont bother with overclocking.

As i mentioned earlier

Just go overkill on the cpu . You wont regret it, it will last for yearsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Good cpu require decent motherboard . any z77 motherboard will do. I just find that asrock extreme 4 was the best bargain.

for the gpu, For nows you said you want to budget. So if i was you. i'd actually go for a 2nd hand gpu for the cheapest you can find it at. Treat this gpu as disposable. If you do want to seriously game in the future with big triple A games. Because you got a great cpu, all that would be needed is a good graphic card.

get 8 gigs of ram

Get whatever case you want.

A decent 600 Watt power supply will be good enough for you.

Some people say rosewill is bad brand, but not all of there models. Go with the rosewill 630watt green series psu for $60 bucks. Its got 50 AMPS on the 12 rail!!!!. Trust me, you not going to find 50 Amps on the 12 rail at that price with any other psu. A forum called hardware secrets confirmed it can deliver its rated amps. So i recommend that psu. Is medium quality brand. Brands like corsair /antec /seasonic are so damn expensive. But if you want the best psu's. Those are the brands to get. I say screw the best. Get what will work. Go rosewill green series.

People use alot of fear mongering in trying to get people to buy quality psu. Just get one medium range and as long as you arent pushing it to max ( which isnt going to happen on a single graphic card setup) . It will work for years. No need to overspend.

I think you should be fine with this advice.

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