TheLostMorph's Weapon Surplus Store and Range

Joeyray's Bar
Any weapon you could want from any universe, any ... anything, Except anything from Mecha or anything that relates to launching Cats, Cat litter or any other non sentient animal. Just don't 'light up' or fire anything in the store I don't want to know what might happen if you do. Go over to my Firing Range to test the weapons. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you do I'll feed you to the Hydralisk's out back that I ... usually keep fed ...

I will perhaps get an inventory up eventually but not likely as there are to many weapons to inventory.

Have fun, Obey the rules and don't blow up my store. Oh and of course be nice to other customers. Prices vary depending on rarity of Weapon.
DAG NABBIT! THis was mine :(

Mopes back out of the store.
"Do you have a case of !@#$-BRO? It's a weapon designed to shut people up permanently."
"Take a look with an inventory as big as this would you be able to know everything you have?" I ask pointing to a pair of double doors behind which is my stock.
Make sure to sell da Kitten Cannon
I cut down Mecha with a Katana from Edo Japan and then stab it into the stomach of Smylez.
Ummm SF. Outbreak
"Your insistence that I am smylez is irrational. I am not the Doctor."
01/09/2013 03:33 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
Make sure to sell da Kitten Cannon

Nope your stuff is rejected from this establishment of QUALITY weapons.
I walk in, a box of weapons on my shoulder. "Sorry it took so long to get these Halo 4 Incineration Cannons. Their owners weren't keen on parting with them."
"Ah Zarkun thank you for your help in obtaining them of course you can trade them for other weapons in my stock or I can pay for them in one of several various payment forms."
I chuckle, setting the box down and look at some of the customers. "I'll look at your stock and if I see something I need, you give me an equal amount as the firepower the Cannon has. And it can kill a Spartan with full shields and armored, so that should tell you something."
"There should be a few things back there I honestly don't know much of what is back their .... hmmm I think a good shot from a Judgement would work but not sure. Otherwise anything you see back there is for sale/trade." I again point at the double doors leading into my stock room. "Don't expect to find any Elerian gear back there though I keep that in reserve and it is expensive as @$#*but generally packs a nice punch."
I shrug. "Not looking for anything fancy." I go in and start browsing the shelves, looking for something specific.
In the stock room there are thousands of shelves and even more sections. Ranging from (RL) Ancient historic to Modern. From Medieval Fantasy to Stargate to Star Trek to Star Wars. Halo Mass Effect everything even from many various custom races and factions. And more weapons than anyone cares to count lining every single shelf.
Finding what I require, I call to Morph and indicate the turbo lasers and shielding units. "That'll do."
One of my illusions appears out of no where. "Ah a great selection feel free to test it on the Range. The trade is complete. If you require assistance with removing the items from the store just ask." The illusion walks away making sure everything is in its proper spot.
I chuckle and summon some help, abberations lift up the items and I head back to my Pizzeria. "Thanks Morph."
The Illusion turns. "You are welcome come back when ever." The Illusion returns to checking for misplaced stock.
I walk in carrying a variety of Covenant weapons. I set them on the table, and walk back out, coming back in with GoW's Locust weapons, then walk back out, coming back in with Chimera weapons. I look them over, and nod to myself.
"There, have fun." I say to Morph before walking out.

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