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Well I gave Koro the Weapon's store and I'm starting this. Mecha unless you come up with something good I am NOT selling it.

Some ground rules
Rule 1: DON'T harm any of my stock.
Rule 2: DON'T piss me off or you will get feed to the sand worm I keep ... around.

Available stock from various Universes or Factions from the infinite omniverse.
Star Wars
Star Trek
Mass Effect
Dead Space
Real Life
Various custom races/Factions from the minds of various RPers
Others that I can't think of at the moment.

Available types of vehicles
Speeder bike
Atmoshpheric Fighter
Star Fighter
Star Cruiser
Trans atmospheric transport
various oceanic vessels
Other various sized Starships
Anything I may have forgotten

I also stock various armors and power armors.
Beasts of War available
Armored Troll
Attack Dog
War Horse
Various big cats
Zerg (all known strains available)
Others I can't think of at the moment and will likely edit in later

I put a sign outside that reads [Now Open]. I go back inside to finish the last little bit of set up.
I walk in, admiring the Naboo N-1 Starfighter. "Mind if I buy three of those?"
I look up from the sign I was working on. "Fine by me they aren't that hard for me to get." I slide over to the register and tap some keys. "That comes to 7500 credits unless you wish to trade for them."
I want a Mass Effect Shuttle please.... I need something more convenient for the Gangster Squad.
I sigh. "Man, another transdimensional trade. Alright..." I pull up the schematics for a fighter that looks like an SR-71 Blackbird, but with a forward mounted railgun and several hidden proton torpedo bays. "It's called the Hammerfist. Wicked fast atmospheric combat unit. Well worth more than three N-1's."
I look at CR. "Sure paying for it out right or trade?" I turn back to Zarkun. "Hmm deffinately looks like you have some credit available." I look the schematics over. "Hmm bet I could modify this slightly and make it exoatmospheric." I say more or less to myself
*Three people drive in a Vintage car that most Gangsters used during the time of Al Capone.*
Should this be enough to cover it? It's nice and sleek, vintage as well.... Think of it as a mortgage payment until I bring in the real dough.

*I snicker as I knew something faster than the Blackbird and it was a real thing that was coming out sometime in the future.*
I get up, go over to the car and inspect it. "Hmm nice looks like all original parts am I correct?"
*I smile under my fedora*
Yes my good man, kept nice and clean... Seen more action than the restroom of the bar.
I nod. "So then it's a trade?"
I smile and chuckle slightly before returning to the counter. "Yeah it's good your new shuttle will be around front in a moment." When I finish speaking an ME shuttle comes around and lands out front. One of my Elerian Assitants exits the shuttle and walks over to the car. "But of course Zarkun do you wish the N-1's delivered or will you pick them up yourself?"
"Do you have any 10 speed mountain bikes? I'm trying to make my armies more mobile."
*Taking the "Keys" for the shuttle I walk on by...*
Try not to scratch her all up please, I also just got nice leather seats in there for the old style look. Quite a pretty penny. Now all I need to do is do a few hits now.
Two assistants appear and we each climb in the N-1s. "Thanks Morph." Taking off, we head for a large dreadnaught in the sky, christened the Merciful.
The Elerian takes the car around back to a special lot I have for vintage cars and other special items. I look at speedgoat. "You have GOT to be kidding right?" {You are welcome Zarkun come again if you need anything.}
"Not at all my good friend. My troops need to stay in shape and get where they need to go."
"Meh. Might go and hijack one of the vehicles on the lot."
"They can stay in shape another way and ... I might have some bikes." I shake my head while signaling an Elerian to look for the bikes. I turn to Jester. "Please don't and you have plenty of credit after your donation in my weapons shop. I also have an energy field that prevents hijacking though if you wish to try I'll gladly feed you to Shai Hulud."
"You do realize all I need to do is let off an EMP and the field shuts down?" I shrug. "Don't mind me, just trying to get some ideas."

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