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"Do you sell Greater Demon's of Khorne?"
"Shadow, don't even friggen think about it. If you do, I am massing Grey Knights and the Exorcists to ensure they don't get too far out of step."
"Most likely, just a moment please." I head in the back for a moment before returning. "Yes I do how many do you want or need?" I ask taking a seat behind the counter again. "And Jester I keep my equipment em shielded."
"Nothing is immune to EMP. Believe me." I say, and start radioing for troops to be prepared.
I strafe Jester with the N-1, watching him roll across the ground. {Respect the policies, dude. We wouldn't steal from you.}
"O ... K ... please take this fued very far away from here or you are both getting feed to Shai Hulud."

Anyone get the dune reference?
I swoop back up to the Merciful. {Just helping you out.}
{I meant Jester and SF and thanks.}
{Not a problem.} Docking, I climb out of the cockpit and head to the bridge. "Set course for Nahaldia." The helmsman nods.

"Aye, sir." With a brief flash, we vanish into slip space.
"Four." I throw 20 bricks of a unknown metal in front of Morph and the four Daemons appear around me and they immediately build be a throne and start carrying it around with me sitting comfortably on the throne. I notice it being extremely squishy and see that it was made of human organs. I smile and continue sitting comfortably.
I appear in zarkun's ship. "Ok, that was alright the first shot, the other ones were just being a pain in the !@#." I scratch my head, and say "Oh, by the way, I rigged the entire ship with Melta charges. They're all scan-shielded, and have a timer of 30 seconds. Have fun." I teleport off the ship.
I chuckle. "Ensign." He nods and the charges are all jettisoned onto Jester's head. {I already knew about that.}
I shake my head as SF leaves. I don't trust the metal so I don't touch it and have one of my helpers take it away for analysis.
"Hey, what's the status on them bikes?"
The Elerian I had sent earlier returns with a hover sled loaded with a large number of old 10 speed mountain bikes. "There be your answer swab. Now how many do you want?"
{Oh, and before I forget, th-} An explosion is heard, in the back.
{.....I was going to say I put some on your primary, secondary, and tertiary reactors, and ammo stores, but too late now.} The ejected charges explode harmlessly on nothing.
"Do you have pilots for hire?"
Dude we all know the ultimate warbeast is a GFLK (Giant Flying Laser Kitten)
"If they have to be human then no. If race doesn't matter I'm sure I can scrounge up a few Mozan willing to be hired pilots ... for the right price."
01/11/2013 08:55 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
Dude we all know the ultimate warbeast is a GFLK (Giant Flying Laser Kitten)

I grab Mecha rip his head off and then shove him in my XB-540 Punishment class mass driver cannon set power to max, hit the trigger and watch as he is launched into deep space at 500 times the speed of light and ripped apart on the subatomic level. "LEAVE MY LEGITIMATE BUSINESS ALONE! unless you have something that is actually worthy of being sold."

EDIT: yes I know this was a double post don't care much though

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