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"Hey, I'll pay. I'd like 2 Mantises and pilots. I'll be willing to pay 500 credits a week. And whatever the Mantis price is."
{Jester, all charges were found and removed. That...was probably your ammo stores.} I chuckle, closing the channel and facing forward again. "Tis a worthy business venture I'm on."
I type on a holo-comp for a moment and read the strange symbols that appear in reply. "OK two Mozan pilots are on their way they will pick up the Mantises on their way out front and the cost is ..." I hit a button or two on the register. "3000 credits or something of similar value."
"1500 credits and some extra armaments for you. Name it, you got it."
"Hmm I could use some new shield gens and disrupter banks for the few Elerian ships that are here. Send over 3 shield gens and 2 disrupter banks we call this transaction even ok?"
{May want to check that again. Plus, I'm not in a ship, so that defeats the purpose.}
{My systems and reactors are fine. Unless you're referring to the dummies we set up as precautions? Look, we're unharmed and I'm gone for a bit. Take off SF's head for me a few times.}
{Remember last time I tried that....?
Oh, wait.......Wrong person. And no, they weren't dummies, cause I scanned the entire ship when you decided to be an !@#.}
{Then they were the dummies. And a strafing run requires more than one shot, though I only fired once.}
{Ah, yes, but that could have been one burst, one long chain of rounds, ect. But I digress. And how did you know where I scanned, considering I put bombs on everything, including the cargo hold, landing gears, wiring for the control systems, ect.}
{Easy, we checked everything, and traced your blink trajectory ahead of time. Wasn't difficult to have someone come behind you and grab them as you went. That aside, just drop it. This mining operation is too important for me to be arguing with someone about.} I notice we're about to drop from slip space into the other dimension. {Bout to loose signal and be out of teleport range, so do these things while I'm gone: kill SF, beat Mecha and punt Nukester for me. Laters.} The channel dies and there is nothing but static. I sigh in relief. "Now for the inspection. Jake." The marine stands up and accompanies me to the shuttle and we descend to the surface of the planet we had just started orbiting.
{Hate to be the bearer of bad new, but remember, I had the race with the whole dimensional defense systems, but fine, whatever. Will do.}
*The Squad returns in the shuttle, I step out with some papers and my Tommy*
I heard you had a disturbance that was... Old Cat Lady related?
Hello!!!! what a fine morning it is!!!!!!
Did that say 12 minutes? I could've sworn I just put this in.
I point CR at Mecha. "Have fun just don't damage my stock." I reach under the counter and take out an Elerian blade and then start polishing it.
A man with a tan suit walks in with a holo-board. "Sir, please sign here for your package."
I stop polishing the blade for a moment and sign. "Just set it outside my assistants will get it."
I walk in, a large saber tooth cat animal behind me, but it's tail is like a scorpion's and had the ability to warp time around it. "Hey Morph, I think you'll like this one."

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