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The Image of that makes me think of a creature known as a Wyvern.

The man nods and presses a button on the board and a loud thud is heard. "I take it your assistants have heavy transports?"
Koro finds the space immediately around him filled with Zerglings from the Second Great War. "That...was unexpected. Morph, add Space control to that list as well."
I laugh at them both. "Haha of course they have heavy lifters not that they really need em though. And that beast certainly seems interesting. Does it have a name?"
"The Ryoka. Lethal in all forms of predator, don't piss it off, as demonstrated by Koro." The Zerglings tear into Koro and I wince. "He's going to be feeling that."
I chuckle again. "Yep ... How much did you want for it?"
I shrug. "Well, interdimensionally...he's worth around 500 mil, but I'm willing to barter as I'll admit it's quite the steep price."
"It doesn't matter to me very much. I have plenty of money stashed away and .... other rare stock." I gesture to the Elerian blade currently sitting on my counter. Outside a few Elerians can be seen easily picking up the crates and taking them around back.
"Nah, I'll do a ship deal though."
"Ok what do you need? I have a massive variety of ships."
I tap my finger thoughtfully while tossing the Ryoka a piece of meat. "Something with a bit of a punch to it."
*Being a smartass robot now... I unveil a ship that looked like a fist*
There's that "Punch" you wanted.
I punt CR into a wall. "Smart @ss."
That's the point! :P
*The Fist ship points it's finger at Zarkun*
"Well there is the Eclipse. Though it currently needs some more work as it was never finished by the Empire. Hmm ... then there is an older Alpha class ship I have. I wasn't really planning on selling it though. Other than that not sure as my inventory is extensive."
"Err well ... the only thing larger, that I know of, is either a Xel'naga Dreadnaught class world ship or an Elerian Shal. However just one of either is going to be EXTREMELY expensive."
"I was thinking more Imperial Super Star Destroyer power wise, with a large main gun."
"The Eclipse is larger than a normal ISSD and has a better version of the Death Star Laser. I got it straight out of Empire at War: Forces of Corruption."
"Well...I suppose I can go with that."
"Well like I said earlier it is still unfinished but the super laser is operational as are several turbo laser batteries and shield generators."

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