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"I'll come back when you've finished it up. I'm not crazy enough to fly something unfinished."
I chuckle. "OK I'll make it a priority job then." my holo comp appears and I type something into it. "Should be done in a week ... maybe two."
Do you have an Uberlisk in stock?

(Uberlisks are the HUGE ultralisks with spine crawlers on their heads)
"Like the sign says all known strains and I have seen uberlisks before ... Yeah we have a couple of em."
Good... Lets make a trade then.
How about... my schematics for your Uberlisk?
I nod. "I can wait til then." I start to walk away then stop. "The Ryoka can breed asexually and sexually, so you should have a female here soon."
@Xer: "Schematics on what?"

@Zarkun: "Heh interesting. Are you leaving it here then?"
I nod. "I trust you to keep your end of the deal."
"It would be exceedingly bad for business if I didn't keep my deals." An Elerian comes out to take the Ryoka in back. I resume polishing the sword that had been sitting on my counter for a while.
"One more thing about that beast. Keep it fed and have it fight something every three days or you'll have a very unhappy time and space manipulator."
"Will do."
I need a car to enter in the tarsonis grand prix. can you make a hellion?
@Morph: My schematics are for various spacecraft I can't even identify, and I'm an expert on these.... so.... deal?
I look at Hourglass. "Just regular or custom made?" I turn over to xer. "Yeah sure I'm sure my techs will have some fun with em."
I come in with a small Ryoka with me. "This one seems to have snuck aboard the Merciful. Care to make it your pet? No better guard animal."
I smile. "Sure how much do you want for it or trade again?"
"This one is on the house. I didn't know it was there until one of the Security guards for the Merciful radioed it in."
"OK." The Elerian I had sent to your pizzeria comes in and informs me of the payment. "So I guess you'll be wanting those Tie Advances delivered?"
Custom made. have the flamethrower point back and emit somethin' to make the car go faster. how much is this gonna cost me?
I nod as the pizza order comes in. "Indeed I will. And let me know if you need more cheese bread sticks."

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