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"Your muscles betrayed your intentions." And he walks out the door.
"Are my intentions worth being smacked for?"
I shake my head. "This is why I never name my custom race/faction gear/troops after SC2 lore units/groups/etc. Uh no I don't take sandwiches as payment. I take many other forms of currency or trade for an item or items of equal value."
"How about the allegiance of a Black Peace commander?"
"Hmm why do I need a BP Commander? I already have the entirety of the Elerian race and all the Mozan plus or minus a few that are on contracted jobs." I finish assembling the Judgement Rifle and I put it under the counter.
Haha, B.P...
"Hrm... Well how about... Gah, whatever, cash will work." I say, writing the biggest check I have ever written and handing it to morph.

"When will it be delivered?"
I take the check and the sounds of two tanks driving by can be heard. The two tanks drive over to Markus' Deli and then the two Mozan wolves can be seen running back a few moments later. "How about now?"
"Great, thanks! See you 'round!" I walk back out.
*I walk out of the store*
*Insert Loud Roar here*
*I fly back through the doors*
"You have any Nano Ropes?" I ask dazedly....
"Yes but why do you need Nano Ropes?" I ask as I pull some coils out from under my counter.
I pass xer and walk in, my face showing anger and my hands in fists. I glare at morph as I get closer and closer.

"The seige breakers you sold me crumbled under Zarkun's stare. I want my money back!"
I shrug. "Not my fault that you didn't take precautions against him. Though I am pretty sure I usually have anti-JRB persona armor ... gona have to have that checked." I push a button that makes a small plaque pop up which says [NO REFUNDS! extremely fine print: without item in original condition.].
I grumble and frown. "Fine, how much is a vulture bike? I need a good ride to get my mind off this terrible essay I'm writing."
"50 credits."
I drop the money on the counter. "Where's my ride?"
The vulture is dropped off out front and a Mozan walks around back. "There."
"Thanks, hopefully this one doesn't explode when zarkun watches me drive by the pizzeria." I say jokingly, taking the keys from the Mozan and hoping on my brand new ride.
I walk by Mark, nodding. "Nice ride. I'd recommend avoiding Route 30. I hear they're testing Widow Mines out there." Walking in the store, I pull out some credits. "I've fifty billion creds here. Biggest that'll buy? Or most if possible?"
I gauk at Zarkun for a moment. "Hmm uh just a sec ..." I pull up a holo-screen and start going thru a list of the largest stuff I got. "So ... I have a Xel-naga world ship, The Death Star, a couple older Alpha Class ships, hmm a Leviathan, some ISSD's and a few MonCalamari cruisers." (I don't know much from other Sci-fi games so if there are others on that scale I don't know of tell me.)

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