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"How many Mon Cala ships will it get me? And repair crews? They'll be target practice."
"Yeah, thanks." I reply to zarkun, flipping him off while his back is turned in anger for destroying the siege breakers I paid top dollar for.


You're both needed in OotFP :)
You would be wrong there Mark. Go read again.

IC: A blood round grazes his hand and a Stalker flips off Mark before vanishing in a mist of red.
"Target Practice ... *sigh* that will get you five with full repair crews." I shake my head at the use he was planing to put those great ships to.

OOC: Mark how I had been the last one to post in Frying Pan.
"I can tell you're unhappy. If it makes you feel any better, they'll be shooting back. I'm also going to be employing Mon Cala pilots and crew since they'll also patrol the planet's orbit."
I shake my head again. "I am strongly against abuse of sentient life you know that right ... well mostly anyway. and no it doesn't really make me feel better."
I sigh. "I promise the ships will be remotely controlled while testing the shields. I don't kill my employees."
Nice reply zark! literally made me lol xD


I yelp and swear before riding into the horizon.
"Fine I'll have the ships delivered shortly." I tap on the holo-screen for a moment and then it disperses. I reach under the counter and put out a strange rifle that I am currently working on and begin cleaning it.
I sigh, letting him take the credits as I look around. "Look, I swear they won't get hurt unless in the line of duty."
"Yeah I believe you." I say as I start breaking down the rifle while trying to think of a name for it.

OOC: getting off for the night cya peeps.
"Uh huh, sure ya do." I pull out a flask with a blood drop on it and take a sip, looking over the rifle. "So what's this one do?"
"This one oh I love this one. It is a very special rifle and allows for some where interesting events." I smile evilly as I finish breaking it down and start cleaning it.
"Way to avoid the question."
"I have another if you would like a demonstration." I say with a very evil look on my face.
"I'm more interested in hearing right now rather than seeing."
"It is easier to explain if I just shoo ... show you but if you insist I will explain it. *Sigh* It is a transformation gun ... of sorts."
"Shoot me, eh? Not happening, and what do you mean by 'of sorts?'"
"Erm ... well I'll have to get back to you on that."
"You're telling me you built the thing, and don't know exactly what it does?"

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