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I return to my post behind the counter and begin cleaning it again. "Sorry I only said that because I had to go to work. It was only a prototype shortly before Erini was destroyed almost all data on what it does was lost and I haven't used it yet so ..."
"Fair warning, you shoot me, and the Blood Letters will reduce this place to rubble overnight."
I am sorry to ask here, if it annoys you to answer this then forgive me but can I just jump in and try this out or do I have to do something to be able to? Once more sorry if this annoys the more veteran Rp'ers in here...
Just jump in and use good grammar and proper spelling. Welcome to JRB.
"It is fine. This is thread is not an RP though. Also what Zarkun said." I turn to Zarkun. "And who said I was going to shoot you with it?" I ask as I finish putting the rifle together.
As the shop keep and the Marauder converse I walk in, my old War Pig armor clanking as I go, "Hello good sir! I was wondering if you had any Q-ships for sale and some light armored vehicles? Preferably projectile weapons upon them."
I chuckle. "Not a Marauder buddy. You see, while we have specific portraits, it's not what our characters look like. You don't have to look like a War Pig if you don't want to." I then turn back to Morph. "You did."
I chuckle nervously and extend my arm, "Sorry friend, I've had my share of misidentity as I was mistaken for wreckage in a dropship crash."
I take the hand and shake it. "All good. Welcome to his shop. I own the Pizzeria and Arcade just down the street."
"Its not my fault you misinterpreted what I almost said." I turn to Image. "Um I think we do have Q-ships and we most defiantly have light armored vehicles of all kinds. Various Warthogs, modified Hellions, speeders, etc."

Please provide a description or link for the Q-ships as I have never heard of em before.
Q-ships are basically merchant ships from warhammer 40k packed with alot of firepower and armor ups to fool the enemies. Link for a visible description:

"Well I'll take a Q-ship and a few various Warthogs, two machinegun variants and if you could two flat bed trucks with hidden machineguns." I pull an item out of my pocket and show it to Morph, "I've got a STC for a Castigator-class titan, just to warn you they've got some pretty nasty A.I's on them."
I pull up a holo screen and check my inventory. "Yeah we have some Q-Ships. I'll have one sent down. The warthogs and trucks will be around in a moment. Castigator-class titan huh and I've never seen anything that can beat a Val-Traxian AI." The Warthogs and trucks pull around front and a variety of Elerians exit them and walk around back. The keys still in the ignitions.

I seem to not know of a lot of other sci-fi stuff ... so sorry but ... what is a Castigator-Class Titan? same thing as for the Q-Ships plz
Link because I'm no good at describing:

Sorry for the seldom asked for 40k stuff.

"The STC is in a docking bay, you might need alot of heavy equipment, theres a reason they were only stored on star ships." I hand him the docking codes and go over to inspect the group of machines the Elerians had assembled.
"Heh I keep that in mind." I say taking the docking codes and handing them to an Elerian that came out of the back door. The Elerian is then beamed away.

Its not so much that is seldom asked for its more I've never played Warhammer 40k
"So do I have to go to the weapon store to buy the ammo or is that on the house?" I say as I inspect the last of the vehicles the flatbeds having roofs concealing the guns, "Also do these just pop off or is there a way to just poke the gun out?"
"The ammo is on the house and there are ammo replicators so no worries about that. You can either remove the roofs or there is a button in the cab that makes the gun go up into firing position." The Q-Ship lands a moment later next to the group of ground vehicles. The cargo ramp lowers and a single 'Timber Wolf' Mozan walks down, hands the keys to Image and walks around back.
"Thanks I'll be sure to mention your store to my fellow privateers I unfortuneatly call friends," I say as I chuckle a bit, "It was nice meeting you sir now if you'll excuse me I must round up the appropriate weapons as from the other store as well."
"Bye come again for all of your vehicular needs. I also sell power armor."

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