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Ok, so I was just wondering what random starcraft questions about gameplay and stuff the community had. For example, a good one would be: How does the overlord fit all those units inside its ventral sac? I mean, it can fit 4 infestors inside, 1 of which is probably bigger than the overlord. And the ultralisk...... OH GOD.

So, I was just curious.
Why are infestors OP
what time do hellions come out?

When do cloaked banshees come out?

when do i put down my Evolution Chamber so that when it pops i can research 1 1?

Why does a unit with 1 health function exactly the same as when on full health.
Good points.
01/13/2013 01:39 PMPosted by AMadWalrus
Why are infestors OP

why do protoss players complain about zerg despite being in a favorable position in the matchup?
my overlord questions: where does the creep come from? and of course, a similar one about the ventral sacks.

my roach question: when they're burrow moving, where's the dirt ahead of them go? try to dig a tunnel, yourself, and you'll know what i'm talking about. it's gotta go somewhere... and it's a lot of dirt to displace a roach...

where did the dark archons go?

if an infestor NP'd a marine, and then started a shop... where would the counter be? (haha i r funniz)

actually, how does NP work against non-biological units? how can one parasite take over a whole battlecruiser, yet only be effective against one marine?

who's bright idea was it to give convicts automatic weapons, advanced body armor, and drugs?

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