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So, i'm in bronze (yeah, i know), and i was wondering if there was a website that showyou where you are (like the list/ranking of specific ranks)

I am in Corsair Tau , and just wanna see how close (or far) away I am from the top of the bronze list, and maybe how I can see how close I am to switching over to silver

Also, would love to have a coach or just some peeps to add and practice games
I believe that Blizzard released a patch where all divisions are equal. This means that your rank in the division is your rank in the overall league. As far as promotions go, you can be promoted at pretty much any rank, because the promotion is not determined by rank, but rather by wins against higher ranked opponents. The exception is that if you reach something like 1200 points I believe you get instantly promoted.

If anyone has more concrete information, please let me know, but as far as I'm aware this is how it works. Good luck!

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