I log in fine but wont let me play

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Ever since I have downloaded the new patch SC2 seems to run slower on my macbook. When I finally get onto bnet i hit quick match. And it goes to that and is completely blank. Find match is greyed out and there is no options for 1v1 2v2 etc. Even when I try an arcade game I join a game and it takes forever then it will say:::CLIENTSIDECACHE_READ_CONNECTION_FAILED. Ever since I downloaded this new patch it has been doing this. What has happened!!!?
Try clearing your Battle.net Cache (client side cache) and see if it helps.
I get something similar clientsidecache_read_http_failed. I ca log on fine, but I get no portrait can't see my career and I try to play and as soon as I press find match I get that message already clear cache and nothing. Benn with this problem for 3 weeks now thought and update might help, but no, reinstall the game and nothing. Got access to other laptops and I can play fine no problems. I have D3 also install on this laptop and that game works like a charm any ideas what is going on? Posted on twitter hope someone answer cause it suck to be changing laptops just to play games when bought this one just for that purpose.
Did you try deleting the Battle.net cache as mentioned above?

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