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Hey guys, im a platinum protoss and i began the season winning almost all of my games. I had to stop playing for about a week for school, and i get back on and i seem to have hit a wall. I cant win in any of my matchups. The opponent opens with some sort of cheesy build and i do all i can to hold it and succeed. But, they have already dealt the economic damage needed to be miles ahead of me in the game. im not interesting in learning any cheesy builds to win, i want to play more macro, but all these all ins are preventing me from taking a third period.

if anyone has any macro builds that they could tell me, good for every matchup, that would be awesome. I also feel like i cant get out of a defensive mode, all the game i turtle up because since im so far behind, i know he has the bigger army and there is no way i can engage. i do some warp prism harass but he just moves his workers immediately, there is no economic damage i can do to even out the circumstances. If anyone has any tips or recommendations, i would appreciate it. Thanks.

minigun is a pretty solid macro player
acually, i watch him just about every day, but he's a grandmaster that barely ever has to worry about cheese, most higher level players go to macro games, because you learn more and get better in macro games. I need some platinum level tips and builds. Minigun does have great advise but he is much better and knows what do do in certain situations...
You might want to consider not being quite so macro.

All-ins and cheese are designed to punish macro, just as macro is designed to punish anyone who takes the middle road.

At our low level. you really can only afford to go macro if you scout that it is safe. At least until we get better. Everyone loses to cheese now and again. I think MC went like 0-4 vs a terran the other day because the terran did some sort of marine scv all-in every time, and MC went nex first.
Well Nexus first is technically a different form of cheese.

You should never be playing that unsafe that you just straight out lose to certain strategies without any hope.
while watching top players play is always good, it wont necessarily help you with the problems you have, specifically cheese defense. By now, sc2 pro players are good enough to defend the typical cheeses/all ins that are common in the lower leagues so you will never actually see it done (much like how 1-1-1 is not seen anymore), instead you'll just see macro games

All ins and cheese are not designed to punish macro, it's to punish greedy opponents or opponents who dont scout.

You should pick standard builds per match up (look up TL forums for some), practice until you know every nook and cranny of that build, including defending all types of cheese/all ins/aggression.
the only problem with watching minigun is him often playing Kpop.... ><

minigun is a pretty solid macro player
Watching streams a lot is great, but it is no way to improve your mechanics. All you might get out of it is a bit of decision making, and some micro tips. I used to watch streams all day long back when I was in Bronze - Gold. Since I stopped and actually played the game a lot more, I have improved a lot, and I am very close to diamond. What you can do is add your favorite streamers in sc2, and ask them some questions. They normally answer you, it just might take some time.
If you took massive econo damage from early cheese.. your defense wasn't a true "success", you should be able to defend cheese and actually have the economic advantage for your defense to be a success.

Learn to defend cheese more efficiently, and you'll do better.
Step 1: Scout better
Step 2: React to scout better
Step 3: Macro behind everything you do (ex: chain FF ramp AND get tech)

Remember: His cheese hurts him economically.. THAT will be your advantage.

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