(Mac Client) Cursor disappears partially

Mac Technical Support
I've had this happen a few times, after relaunches and reboots.

My mouse cursor will disappear mid-game; sometimes it's not entirely, but what I see is a jagged line about the height of a siege tank that is the same color as my cursor was. Other times it vanishes entirely. I've not yet found anything that will restore my cursor (other than losing the match).

There was a previous issue that I've read about, where this was caused by clicking a middle mouse button on the minimap -- I don't have a middle mouse button, so I don't suspect it's that.

My computer is a 2008 iMac (core2duo model), OS 10.6.8 (I'll be upgrading soon, I saw the notices), fully patched. I've been playing WoL consistently since the open beta years ago and this hasn't ever been an issue for me until about a week ago.

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