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"Is it a pizza?" I guessed. "Why would he be so kind enough to pay for the sandwich, but then kill me?"
01/17/2013 09:26 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
"Yo Koro, just wanted to say Im having a good time RPing with you man. In Outbreak and ootf."

"Fun RPing with you too." I take a swig of a whiskey bottle I take out of my trench coat. Then put it back in my coat.
The notes words change.

Close, but not quite you have another guess before I arrive.
"Your sandwich?" I ask with a quizzical look.
Close enough.
The note vanishes and the box flies open, a Nydus worm eating Mark.
Markus squiled and kicked and fought off the worm, but to no avail. When he was halfway eaten, Victor rushes out with a bat and begins clubbing it. The monster shows little retaliation and continues eating Markus. He pops out and takes a gust of air while hitting off it's many flippers with claws and teeth.

"Sound the alarm you imbecile!" He shouted at the top of his lounges at Victor. He drops the bat and pushes a big red button on the back wall. Four turrets from each corner of the wall shooting fourty guass rounds per second unload on the worm and it explodes. organs, blood and brains lay scattered everywhere while Markus crawls out of the nydus worm's former mouth. Spitting out nasty purple fluid, he looks at the door in which Zarkun vanished.

"You're paying for that!" He yells. Victor rushed over and helped him up.

"How the hell did it get past our sensors?" He asked with a genuine concern on his face.

"I'm not sure, but hire our friends in the basement to clean and repair all of our equipment." Victor nods and runs back off into the back room.

Markus begins screaming the chorus of one of his favorite songs at the corpse of the worm.

"See me! I'm still standing!
I might be bleeding!
But I'm still breathing!
You might hate me!
But you can't break me!
I might be bleeding!
But I'm still breathing!"
Another worm emerges, this one melting all the turrets before eating Mark. Inside is another note.

I figured you'd be prepared, so here's the real gift.
Reading the note with squinted eyes Markus pondeedr what would happen next for about a split second before another nydus pops below his feet and swallows everything from his legs down.

"HOLY SH--!@#%" He yells, giving Captain Smith and his squad enough time to shoot the nydus worm dead. All seven of them emerge from the basement and clear the area.

"You're still paying for this!" Markus yells at the door. Mechs come and begin repairing, cleaning and replacing everything while Markus examines himself. He is covered Goop, blood and the most nastiest liquid.
Another note appears.

Go ahead and try and make me. You'll never find me.
Markus grumbled and fret his brow.

"Fine, just leave me alone." He began to walk away. "And stop with these stupid notes!"
Another one appears, holding a Desert Eagle.


It shoots Mark in the head and then vanishes.
The point defense field instantly shields the bullet from doing any damage. The head of the projectile falls to the ground.

"That was close." Markus exclaims, picking up the bullet and throwing it in the garbage can, missing it by half a foot.
After some time, one of my Drones arrives with a box. "Is there a MarkusDaWise here?"
"No, he went out for a much needed shower, but I can give it to him if you'd like." Victor asked, wiping his hands on his apron.
The Drone sits. "This box will self destruct if it goes from me to anyone but Markus. I will wait."
"Very well, would you like a sandwich?" Victor asks, returning to his place behind the bar. The mechs had finally repaired and replaced almost everything. Guards came and replaced the turrets on each corner.

Eventually, Markus emerged from the backroom. His hair was still wet and dripping. A towel hung around his neck. After exchanging a few inaudible words with Victor, he approached the drone.

"Can I help you?" He asked, obviously irritated.
"This was delivered to my Master's pizzeria on accident." He indicates the box. "However, they rigged it to blow should it go from me to anyone but you. And I should be more specific. The first person after the delivery boy to touch it."
"What is it?" I ask, taking hold of the box.
"We did not look. Judging from it's weight, nothing more than a few spare parts."
"Right." Markus says sarcastically, beginning to open it. Just before Markus pulls off the lid he freezes and look up. "Oh, no you dont! Not again! I'm opening this in the pizzeria."

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