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"It will not open there. Why do you think it remains untampered with?"
"Why wont it open there, exactly?" Markus asks,, obviously a little frustrated with the whole situation.
"It was not intended for others eyes. Perhaps a hidden DNA sequencer."
"Do you have a DNA... Whatever you just said in the pizzeria?"
"Only to enter the restricted access areas. We did not make the box." The Drone's face was impassive and unreadable and, since he was a machine, his mind was immune to probes.
"Are you capable of lying?" Markus asked, trying to figure out it's protocols. He then realized how stupid that question was. If it was capable of lying he would say 'no' and if it wasn't capable it would say, 'no' so in reality it was a stupid question.
"What reason would we have to lie to you, Mister Markus?"
A large zergling flies through a window, then bursts into gore.

"Looks like you need to up the security, come on down to my place, and I'll make sure that happens again, but outside, 2 miles away. IN ANOTHER DIMENSION!" I fade through the ground and disappear.
"The same reason you have to terrorize me and destroy my shop" He drilled, "None!" Markus took note of the zergling, then nods to a mech who replaces the window.
My head pops through the wall, "Sir, that was me doing a promotional thing, Zark had nothing to do with that." I fade out once more.
"I know, but Zarkun nearly totaled my shop and killed me for no good reason."
"The Nydus worms were punishment for throwing Banelings in his Pizzeria. That box is meant for you."
Markus nods and frowns in grotesque satisfaction. "Okay, that makes sense. Consider us even."

Markus takes off the lid and looks inside the box.
Inside is an old .45 caliber Colt M1911 with a note from me.

I knew you wouldn't open it if you knew it was from me. Use this in any way you see necessary, but do me a favor and practice your aim on the black Xenos from the Aliens universe that have for sure found a way out by now.
At first Markus was angry that he had been tricked. Then, picking up the colt in admiration the anger left him.

"Thanks, Zarkun! I'll have to hit you up with a free- Wait, no. That nydus worm hurt as hell."
The Drone stands up suddenly and turns, a Hydra Marksmen rifle appearing in it's hands as it shoots a Xeno trying to sneak in the front door. "May I suggest acid proof floors after this?"
"Thank's, I'll consider it."
The Drone nods and walks out, gunning down another Xeno as it walks down the street.
"Wait, wait!" I call, catching up to the drone. "Take this to zarkun." I say, handing him a box with a wicked grin.
The Drone nods and walks away.

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