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3 EXTREMELY large VTOL aircraft with crates attached to them via cables fly over and drop the crates from high in the sky. Then they land and unload men. The crates contain Sniper rifles (Shade Gheist Tech), Assault Weapon (Blade King tech, these weapons are anything from pistols to Machine Guns) and Energy Weapons and construction bots (Archons of Steele).

The bots start setting up Automated Turret placements, a sensor and radar system, and a console inside from which Mark can coordinate everything.

The men are a mix between 75th Wolf Mercs, and Shade Gheist Shadow Troopers. They start making fortifications all around and on the roof.
Markus watched in satisfaction. "Give me your best shot, Zarkun." he whispers to himself.
I walk up, wearing my new black and red Blood Letter armor. "Best shot? You haven't checked your plumbing then have you?" A running sound can be heard. "There's the creep. I'll keep hitting until you get eaten by the Worm or the Mutas."
"What the !#@$ is your problem man? What did I ever do to you? I already got eaten by the worm!"
I shake my head, the masks eyes glinting. "No, you got half eaten. Both times."
"When you get two halves, what do you get? A whole! I was eaten!" Markus argued. The guards Markus bought from Korozain began to eye Zarkun suspiciously. The turrets, towers and defenses were on the look out for any hostiles.
I stare the guards down, who quickly look away, not remembering why they were even there. "That is faulty logic, because if you do that, then two halves of to separate people would make one person."
"Actually the logic makes perfect sence, two halves of separate people do make one person. If you cut the upper half of a man and replace it with the lower half of another man, you get one man again."
I shake my head. "No, you get a messed up !@#$%^-. Your logic is flawed. Now pick, Worm or Muta? Or would you rather I take off your head and drink the blood?"
"My logic is flawless, can you name a fallacy I used? Neither worm nor muta can get in here. Nor can you take off my head with these guys around. You'd never make it out of the deli!" Markus boasted. The sound of seige tanks sieging up outside is audible from inside.

"Stand down, you have no reason for this!"
I grin, though it couldn't been seen past the metal of my mask. "You think these," I indicate the guards and tanks, "are enough to stop me?" A blood red mist appears and screams can be heard, followed by the sound of tank guns being cut off before it all fades and I'm standing there, the guards dead and the tanks useless. "The Blood Letters cannot be stopped by such meager toys. And as their creator, it's gonna take a lot more than that to stop me at all."
"What the !@#$ was the point in buying all those guards if you can blink and they all die!?" Markus screams.

"What do you want from me and what did I ever do to you?" I ask, "By the way, did you ever get my package?"
"You mean that sneaky little prank that Ace opened for me? Yeah. Good try." I turn to walk away then look back, the mask opening to reveal blood red eyes. "And I didn't blink, it's called Blood Rush." I vanish in a slight mist of blood, disappearing from sight.
"One of these days, I think I am going to activate Agent X..."

"Gimme a sub. A regular bacon egg and cheese sub. Nothing exotic."
Markus flips off the air where Zarkun used to be, then gets working on Smylez' sandwich.
"How come nobody wants the exotic stuff?" he asks himself, wrapping the sandwich and handing it to him.
I fade up from the ground, a black waterlike portal under me. As my whole body passes through, my arms crossed, I say, "Zarkun. This is my equipment, and these are my men. So here is my proposal.

Epic duel at Mark's place. NOW!"

My exo-suit from earlier forms around my skin and I slash him with one of my blades.

I reappear in the same manner I'd disappeared. "Sorry, but they'll wake up in about another hour. I made sure there was no permanent damage. And the tanks were from Morph, sooooo....yeah. However, he's gonna want to get those repaired."
I spaz out, then the suit retracts again, then I say with a shrug "Okay." I then do the opposite of my entrance as my leave.
"What the !#@$ was the point in hiring you if you dont do your job?" I scream at Korozain as he disappears.

"And why the !#@$ am I the only one without magical powers!?" I scream at nnobody in particular, returning to my post behind the counter.
{I gave you my troops, not my services. I WILL stay if you can make me a bacon-wrapped, italian bread sub with honey-ham, bacon, lettuce, pickles, oil and vinager, salt, pepper and a small tiny dash of mayo on it. And make it 5, with 500 credits.}

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