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"Three oinkers wearing pants, a plate of hot air, a basket of Grandma's breakfast, and change the bull to a gill. Got it!" Markus repeats and gets to making exactly what Korozain ordered.
{If I come over there and what I asked for, I'm not staying to help.}
{Was that for me or someone else?}
{Markus. I asked him for a certain sammich, and he repeated something very different. I'm on my way there via my ship, and if my sammich isnt the way I described. I'm not helping him.}
{Oh, that. It's his code words for various orders. Nothing to worry about.} I reappear briefly on a rooftop, leaping off and tackling a mutalisk, slamming it into the ground and removing it's wings before the mist appears and I vanish again.
Markus and Victor finish the sandwich and wrap it nicely, adding a cookie for good measure.
Markus: I am confused. You keep saying you wish to join Reaper and asking how to apply, yet never do. Have you changed your mind?
You want my complete and honest answer? I am too lazy to make a character. I feel the RP is too complicated for me. I feel like I can't join with a regular character. I don't know what to expect, what to do or how to do it.

I know, i'm kinda pathetic, but it's the truth.
You don't need a regular character. He, or she, is going to die and be resurrected at least once.
That's another thing, I was planning on jumping in so I began reading a few pages and it was all about resurrection and crazy stuff so I just kinda backed out. What's with resurrection?? Something tells me nobody is literelly being resurrected, but just... I dont know.
You die, the Doctor has found a way to manipulate Zerg DNA to resurrect dead people. At least I think it's Zerg DNA. It's called Sci-Fi magic if nothing else.
A combination of nano-technology and extracted Roach DNA. Using the Zerg regeneration and reconstructive nanite, I can rebuild the body. There is, unfortunately, often memory loss, especially if damage to the head was suffered.
Cool! So... You wanna make up a character sheet for me? :P Sorry, I suck at making character sheets. I always have. I have used the same character sheet since Sinister Outpost for everything, I got that character sheet from someone else's RP :P

You just need a name and a brief backstory... it's not that hard.
I know, I know but... It is hard!!! I'll just use one from SO or SS...

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