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If a protoss opponent happens to build a few carriers and you have Roach/Hydra/Ling mix (still 2nd tier), should I be using the hydras to snipe down the carriers or their interceptors? Or does it depend largely on the amount of carriers the opponent has in their army? (I.e. 2 carriers or less snipe down their interceptors, 3 carriers or more hit the carriers) And this is while your army consists of those units only and your spire is in the making so can't build corruptor yet.

2nd question is, do you guys change any general hotkeys? I had someone mention I should change the hotkey to view bases to space bar, did so, and its been a huge improvement thus far. So I wanted to see if there were any other little tips regarding this.

Thanks for any feedback.
Regarding sniping, always go for carriers. What toss players enjoy seeing is their opponents all confused, spinning around and shooting at intercepters, leaving carriers unharmed. More importantly, carriers can be microed. Carriers shoot intercepters at range 8, and can be stayed away up to range 14, so you're doing little dmg to carriers other than shooting down a few intercepters, but considering how intercepters do minimum of 80 dmg in one pass (5 x 2 x 8), without upgrade, carrier core should always be the target. Intercepters can easily be refilled, so unless hydras can take down intercepters faster, go for the carrier.
someone will answer better regarding hotkeys.
Pre-HoTS hydras do not beat carriers. They are free to choose when and were to engage, and anytime your off creep they can move the injured carrier back and it moves faster than hydras.

P.S. You can fungle interceptors.

Yes. You should consider changing hotkeys for anything that is hard to reach.

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