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wassap bllizard.. can't fix it huh?
01/19/2013 11:10 PMPosted by Mallow
Same issue trying to play on NA from Japan. Deleted the cache folder and tried to repopulate, then it wouldn't even let me log in, so I'm reinstalling SC2 with probably no result.

Same here Blizzard! I havent played SC2 in a month though!!! Fix it please!
Hey, i live in japan, im in the f#$%^&g us navy, I serve your country and this is the thanks I get? Not a single response to this thread? BULL-!@#$, ban me for me swearing and breaking rules, but can you blame me?
I Get the same error when i try to play on the us server so i can chat to people on my real id its been like this for awhile..... please help.
This is unreal, so many people STILL having this issue and still no response in this thread.

Fix this blizzard, its been going on way longer than it should have.


Frustrated Australian resident
1 month cant play ....i need refund Blizzard
No wonder this game is dead, blizzard is a joke compared to valve.
Same, happened to me after updating after about 2 months of not playing.
Same issue for past 2-3 weeks..

Blizzard could at least reply with a, "we're working on this" ?? no ?

Dont think ill bother buying the expansion... to many issues with their recent games...
WOW, just WOW. This just proves me right. My friends and I were speaking of Blizzard the other day, and we are ALL having the same problems. I went on a rampage yesterday against Blizzard.

I paid Blizzard hundreds of dollars to play WoW, but the community of the game is so dead, insulting, and flat out mean whenever your in a dungeon or you are raiding that sometimes I have to think "Why am I paying a company to be insulted by thousands of people"? Also, even with the release of MoP, WoW is still the same. Do quests because your told to, explore the world because your told to, get loot, dungeon run, raid, that is it.

Diablo 3 I cannot play online. I know that this has been ranted on for a long time now, but hey, IM IN THE US NAVY. I cannot play online games out to sea, which is fine with me, but I can only play D3's !@#$ storm of a story everyday except for tuesday(server maintenance), with no option to fight other players AND I cannot play this offline when I come out of work out to sea? Obviously, BLizzard was not thinking about creating a game compatible for everyone. They were making a game to feed off of D2 fans and to make as much money as possible. I feel betrayed.

And finally, the reason why I am even this forum in the first place, this little game we call StarCraft 2. Needless to say Blizzard, I am highly disappointed with the company's lack of dedication, for being their for the people who stood by your side and supported you for years: Your Fans.

But your betraying them. Keep this up Blizzard, and I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up like THQ. Hey, maybe it needs to happen if it'll open a few eyes up.

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