The Battles of Mars (Pre-RP and sign-up)

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I realize that my Previous RP wasn't..... good at all. This is my second attempt, so if I mess up let me know.


It is the year 2308, and Humanity has launched Humans to Mars. There is a major energy crisis on Earth, so the main hope is that the Astronauts find some source of energy. Once they arrived on Mars, They were greeted by hostile forces. The aliens, also known as Phobians, are one of the toughest foes humans had faced. Now the humans have found an energy source and both sides are battling for it. The Green Energy Crystals, the most valuable source of energy in the universe thus far in the story, are abundant on the red surface of Mars. The Battle for Mars has begun.

After being attacked by the Vissers (Don't ask, just keep reading), Commander 7 had ordered all Phobians to evacuate to other planets. The Vissers managed to keep the Phobians down long enough to pick off most of them, but Commanders 7 and 44 escaped with some of the original populace. Commander 44 disappeared until recently, but Commander 7 managed to make it to Mars and discover Energy Crystals. They rooted out and eliminated any Martian Resistance, but there are still pockets somewhere on Mars. Then in 2308 "aliens" Arrived and found the Crystals as well. Both sides wanted the crystals. The Battle of Mars had begun.

Humans Weapons:
FGC-73 Laser Rifle
DY-45 Burst Pistol
00-00 Defense Shield
Stinger Railgun
AGR Gauss Rifle
GF-85 Laser Chaingun

Alien Weapons:
Laser Staff
Acid Grenades
Lithium Ion Rifle
Overcharge Laser Pistol
Energy Shield
Plasma Blade

Human Vehicles:
Mega-Driller: The Greatest Mobile Driller Invented, specifically chosen for the Mission to Mars.
It is the Last picture on the page.

Mining Unit 12: The smallest miner. What else needs to be said. It is the 8th on this page:

Miner Robot: A Mech that makes mining easier. Has been refitted with laser cannons and other devices for Battle. It is the 6th on this page, shares it with The Infiltrator:

MX-82 Trike: The Fastest ground vehicle on the human side, can easily speed past turrets and enemy units, suspension system allows for "jumping" easily. 14th on this page:

MX-97 Claw Tank: Second Toughest Ground Tank, works wonders against enemies. Can be refitted to have rapid fire or deadly bursts. 16th on the website:

MX-45 Crystal Reaper: The Strongest Ground Vehicle. Nearly Unstoppable, The Cabin can lift off from the tank treads and battle in the skies, it's arms can reach and grab aliens to capture, and the front Blades will tear anything that gets close to shreds. 5th on this page:

MX-26 "Astro" Fighter: The Fastest Strike Craft, Launches A volley of lasers before having to reload at a landing strip. Carries 7 laser bursts. 15th on this page:

MX-54 "Switch" Frigate: One of the most versatile ships in service, can assault Armies with Anti Air and transform to ground before the missiles hit. 7th on this page:

MX-12 Recon Dropship: The basic dropship, an upgrade from the original Viper Dropship. This Dropship is armed for combat drops and has enough room to carry a miner, several troops, and 2 crates of crystals. 12th on this page:

MX-2 Hawk: The most basic ship, handy for scouting or attacking outposts. 3rd on this page:

MX-1337 Hypersonic Operations Spacecraft: Only for the largest attacks, this can and will level an entire alien base if necessary. Can split into multiple ships when outnumbered. Is 4th on this page:

Alien Vehicles:
ETX Alien Extractor, also Light Assault Craft: One of the weakest assault craft. Is used mainly for extracting crystals, can also be used for raiding outposts and defense if a surprise attack hits. Shares a picture with Recon Dropship:

ETX Speeder: Fastest Alien Vehicle, mainly for scouting but can be used for raiding outposts. Last on the page:

ETX Dragon Cruiser: The Strongest, Most Heavily Armored ship there is. Only 2 are needed at a time, unless a major base assault occurs. The front of the Mothership:

ETX Infiltrator: The Ships that normal aliens dream of piloting, but can't! These ships are stealthy, fast, and powerful. While not as powerful as a Dragon Cruiser, these still pack a punch. Only available to elite troops, 6th on this page:

ETX "Needle" Strike Fighter: Usually Spearheads assaults on enemy bases. 4th on this page, shares it with Hypersonic Spacecraft:

ETX Strike Fighter, Basic Edition: The standard Strike Fighter, an entire wing of these can annihilate bases in seconds. Only carries 7 blasts. 10th on the page, shares it with Eagle Command Base:

ETX Viper: Detaches from the Mothership, is more of a jetpack than a vehicle. Shares place with Mothership, on the sides:

ETX "Fist" Strike Fighter: The Heavy Fighter, Armed with 2 duel plasma cannons. Can kill you easily if you aren't looking. 9th on the page:

ETX "Spear" Strike Fighter: A fast strike fighter armed with bombs and a plasma gun. Shares a spot with the Crystal Reaper.

ETX Strike Frigate/ Dropship: Quick, Stealthy, and capable of dropping an entire army on your back. 13th on this page:

ETX Stealth Jet: The Smallest Ship, most capable of ambushing undefended miners and scouting. 2nd on this page:

ETX-1337 Mothership: The only thing that rivals a Hypersonic Spacecraft. The Ultimate Alien Ship, can split into multiple ships and transform to a temporary ground base. 11th on this page:

Human Applications:
Weapon of choice: (Can be a custom-made, prototype, or stolen weapon, as long as its not OP)
Armor Appearance: (Can be any armor as long as it's not OP)
Preferred SuperWeapon: (Ion Cannon, AirStrike, Nuke)

Alien Applications:
Backstory: (Optional for Alien players)
ID Numbers:
Weapon of Choice:
Armor Appearance:
Preferred SuperWeapon: (Bombardment, Plasma Beam, Chemical Bomb)

Human Commanders:
Commander Galaxy
Commander Zero (Me)

Alien Commanders:
Commander 7
Commander 44

I will be Roleplaying as 2 commanders, Commander 7 and Commander Zero, Commander 44 and Commander Galaxy are open slots.

(more classes soon.... maybe....)

Also, die as many times you want. Everyone gets Respawn Tech from the end of time.
If all goes well, There will be 3 different RPs:
Human RP
Alien RP
Battlefield RP.
Hmm... might join this. Mind putting up a bit more backstory though?
I have some of those LEGO sets from Christmas past.
I wanted some, but I decided to continue my Halo collection first.
01/20/2013 07:51 AMPosted by Zanon
I have some of those LEGO sets from Christmas past.
As do I. Frigate, Tank, and Dropship.
This is Finished. Post your chars if you want to join.

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