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What are the best NON-cheez builds and strategies as terran for all matchups? I need some simple+effective builds to focus on, because right now I feel overwhelmed by the game. You can be as detailed or brief as you like. THANK YOU :D
I'm returning after a year too, just this week. I've been watching filtersc's tutorial videos for Terran. It's a series of videos that focuses on good Macro as the key to foundation of winning games. The overall idea is a FE build and a 10 minute push with an MMM ball and good reinforcements behind it. You can watch his videos here

I add in ghosts (vikings if needed against colli) against protoss, hellions against zerg and i medivac drop instead of engage terran. Practicing this build has given me the ability to branch into other things in 2v2 and other games since starting it. I'm having a great time after a year offline.
1 rax FE is standard for all buildings as an opener. Against Zerg the meta is to transition into hellion/banshee for map control. Against Protoss you would do 3 rax with early stim to do a 10 min 2 medivac timing. Against Terran you can do 1 rax FE, I like to do that since I prefer the SCV lead, but I think a safer opening is 1/1/1 with an early viking to shut down banshee play. Its still economical if you get a natural down by about 5 minutes (I believe is the timing). I think this particular one is 1 gas instead of two, but you'd have to double check with someone that does it. I usually don't 1/1/1.
Be ready!~

Its a bit different than when you were last playing.....
I 1 rax fe into bio vs t and p with super fast upgrades and vs zerg im going to try to start meching i think.
I'm only on a 2 month hiatus. I tried to play a TvP the other night, just to get my placement out of the way. Oh man, I don't think I would've played any worse if I'd cut of my hands. Now I get to go see how far behind on strategy I am...

With HotS on the way, I'm debating if it's really worth it, but it might be fun to get a few more WoL games in before mid-March. :)
1 rax FE is a great way to start getting back into macro, and this single build alone got me out of bronze. you simply adjust unit comp depending on who you play

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