Build me max settings Starcraft 2 PC :)

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Have a limit of 1,200$(Canadian) but can go higher. Prefer to get a steady 60+ FPS with 2v2s maybe even 3v3s. Monitor,keyboard, etc are NOT included in this price. Also dont need help with the setup.

Currently have a gateway MS2252. I hate it.

Preferences are:
- Must run Starcraft on HIGHEST possible settings.
- A decent resolution, Going to grab a nice big monitor.
-AA is a big plus but not needed.

The best answer will get an internet high-five and a pic of the final product!(in 3 days)
Give this guide a good look:

Generally, an i5 with entry-level high-end graphics cards can handle SC 2 @ max settings with good FPS @ 1080p
SC2 tends to run better with nVidia cards (read reviews). I was going to get a GTX 650 but got a good deal on a GTX 650 Ti (for the same price after rebate, $50-100), so I chose that. Either are the minimum that you want. I can play on Extreme settings on 1080p but sometimes I'm bottlenecked by my CPU. I have a laptop with Core i7-2760QM at 2.4GHz with external GPU (wanted lowest power consuming GPU so I could power it with an external PSU). IMO for desktops, the i5-3570K (<$200) would be the most cost effective solution since it can be overclocked easily above it's stock 3.4GHz with a solid air cooler (<$50). I like NCIX for Canadian parts. That being said, the above guide is pretty good overall.

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