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I've been thinking for a while now about how to make gateway units stronger, using simple changes, without completely revamping the race.

I wanted to come to the Protoss forum in order to get some serious answers, regardless if they are positive or negative. I figure you guys know it a bit better than the rest of us.

What do you feel about the following changes?
NOTE: all of these suggestions are intended for HoTS, not WoL.

Shields increased by 10

Shields increased by 20
Damage per second increased to 8, up from 6.
Hallucination energy cost decreased to 75, down from 100.
Forcefield energy cost increased to 100, up from 75.

The primary reasoning behind these changes is to provide more durability to the units, as well as changing the orientation of the sentry's use to move toward hallucinations.

With a sentry immortal mid-game push, the emphasis would be on using a combination of well placed forcefields, while deceiving your opponent on which units to target first. I thought this would give a little flavor to any match-up that uses sentries, as hallucination is an inherently fun mechanic to watch as a spectator.

Thoughts, criticisms? Would this work?
Deception is a valid tool of war. LiquidHero won $100,000 in China by using Hallucinations of Colossi to trick Stephano into making Corruptors. Hallucinated Immortals are sometimes better than Force Fields because they are mobile damage magnets.

Buffing Protoss units may require an increase in their Costs, which are already quite high.

Cutting the cost of Pylons by 10 minerals or 5 seconds would speed up Protoss. Cutting the cost of Energy Shield Upgrades by minerals, gas, and seconds might be a modest buff for an expensive and underused Upgrade. (I imagine that swapping the costs of Shields and Armor could prove fascinating or frustrating.)

Stargates and Pylons levitate, so it is not inconceivable that they could be warped-in above unbuildable terrain (like on Creep, over the edge of a cliff, above water, above a Pylon or patch of minerals, atop destructible rocks, above any parked unit such as the Probe that warped it in, etc). Three Pylons can block Zerglings from going up a ramp, somehow. It would be weird if you could build Cannons underneath a Pylon, or warp-in a Pylon on top of a lowered Supply Depot. What if a MSCore could cast Photon Overcharge on a Pylon? Or if Pylons or Nexi could summon Observers?

Okay, I'm being weird. I need sleep.
wait wait wait FF cost 75??? i believe they are 50... unless i'm really not paying enough attention o.O regardless of their current energy cost, i think it might be ok for the energy cost to go up by juuuuust a tiny bit... like just 5 or 10 energy, so it would take a second for sentries to warp in then FF. lowering halluc cost seems good.

no idea on the shield/damage buffs, if anything would affect PvP the most.
These changes would make gateway timing attacks too powerful. With warpgate as it is, it's hard to make changes to gateway units.

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