Humanities Best, Part 2

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"There are two. And one of the entrances already has had its blast doors closed." I say, my fingers tapping against my SMG.
The hall leading up to the bridge door; How long is it?

I think for a moment and take a quick peek down the hall to the bridge doors...
I peer around my cover and fire at the Magnus troops again shouting more taunts towards them.
I look towards the three captains. "Why aren't we moving?" I ask rather irritated with they constant prattle.

After a few more minute I grab the side of one of the crates and begin pushing it into the hall that leads towards the bridge. "I'm moving forward even if you won't."
"Recruit Jarlburg, hold position!" I look at the other two captains. "Well? How are we going to do this? Or are we going to do this standard?"
"I am thinking we should have the fire teams advance with the marksmen giving support from behind while I curve around and flank them." I say.
I growl lowly to myself and stop pushing the crate down the hall. "We have gotten nothing done by planing during this attack. Shouldn't you three have planed this attack out before hand?" I grip the sides of the crate tightly readying myself to press forward again.
"You mean Infiltration flanks them. You are in charge of an entire unit, Rhys, remember that." I then turn to Jarlburg. "We weren't sure what to expect, so we couldn't plan ahead."
I growl, "Fine. But if Stephany comes she would get herself killed. She is going to be with the fire team."
"Don't growl at me, youngling. You've put of your duties as a Captain long enough. It's time you acted like one."
"So you have decided. Need a distraction now?" I ask rather bitterly relieved still gripping the crate tightly.
"No, we'll be making our own attack once all the units are in position."
"Marksman and Heavy in the back to suppress them while the Infiltration and CQC teams advance? Sounds like a plan to me." I say, then get on the radio, organizing the Marksman and Heavy Weapon squads into positions to get ready to suppress.
I continue to hold my position in the middle of the hall using the crate as cover. "Well the sir, I will await your order for advancing." I say still rather irritated.
"So where am I going?" I ask Winterfield and Roslin, as I was confused about which team I would be a part of in this assault.
"Go with Jarlburg's team. I'm sure Sergeant Gerald will be glad to get his medic back."
"Aye Aye, sir." I say, going to where Jarlburg is.

"I've been reassigned to you, sir."
"Where do you want me?" I ask as I put the items I had used to clean my sword into one of the pouches on my belt which does not seem to deform at all.
"With CQC. You'll be of more use." Gerald looks at Stephany and sighs in relief.

"Bout time we got our medic back. Stick close to me."
I nod and head off to the main CQC group.

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