Humanities Best, Part 2

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I shift on my feet, unsure of which group to go with;
"...Sir? Where do you need me?"
I ask Captain Roslin.
I nod to Stephany. "I see you have joined our company." I say as grip the crate readying to pick it up and throw it at the Magnus troops.
"Report to Copperfield, Eric. We'll move soon."

I head over to Copperfield, my limp getting a little worse;
"Alright, what's our part?"
I ask.
He frowns at the limp. "You sure you're even up for it?"
I shrug;
"So I'll stay towards the back, I've got the feeling we're going to need everybody for this one.."
He shakes his head. "While that's true, not everyone is here. The Infiltration recruit is back in the hangar. Major plasma wounds knocked her OOA."
"Fine. Everyone who's not critically injured then?"
I say stubbornly.
"Sounds about right. Just watch yourself. We're leading the charge, so mixing and mingling is to be expected."
I nod;
"You too. Any idea as to what's going to be through the doors?"
I ask.
"A sh!t ton of Magnus and the Arbiter." I say very simply.
"The Arbiter? I am assuming that is a their leader?" I ask rather inquisitively.
"The leader, more or less, of the Safrillions. He holds a lot of sway with them at the very least."
"So he is a priority target. I am sure he didn't earn that title by being a weak warrior either. I will be expecting him to be a powerful and cleaver foe." I observe.
"Captains only are to engage him. He's more than any of the recruits can handle."
I hold back a comment that came to mind since it would more or less irritate the captain and others. I was going to assist in taking down this Arbiter whether they wanted me to or not. The Arbiter seemed to be a more worthy opponent than the Paululus or the other Safrillions.
Gerald watched Jarlburg and shook his head. "Don't push it, Jarlburg. I can see what you're thinking by your stance. If the Captain's say he's too much for you, then it's probably true."
I look over at the Sargent. "You know what I am think based on what I have done in prior battles. My stance has not changed any sir. While he doubt my abilities as a combatant I do not doubt mine nor anybodies here as they have not shown me reason to doubt their skills."
"It isn't your abilities he doubts, it's your experience. While you may have seen battle before, the Magnus are something else. We've seen a crew that's been caught off guard. If they'd had more time to prepare, hell, I doubt we'd even have left the hangar yet."
I remain silent and consider what Sargent Gerald was saying. I knew my battle experience with the Magnus Empire was limited to just now but in consideration of the small battles that we have been in the Magnus troops were not to challenging. I remain silent as we wait for the signal to press forward.

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