Humanities Best, Part 2

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{This is Captain Arcadia to all teams on this channel. I am in position with the Marksman and Heavy Weapons teams, and we're waiting on Captain Roslin and Winterfield to get into position with their respective teams. We'll provide fire support and suppression while you all advance.}
I say over the radio, reloading my rifle and getting ready.
{This is Captain Roslin. CQC and Assault teams are all ready. Rhys, it's all you now.}
"Yes sir." I reply simply. I take my position, and "lock and load".
I find a way into a service route running next to the hallway with the infiltration team. {We're ready to go.} I say as I lay down my SMG and XM39.
{Roger that. Let's finish this.} With that all the Assault and CQC teams moved forward, opening fire while watching each others flanks. Copperfield nodded to Eric.

"Let's go!" Gerald popped out and killed a Paululus with his shot gun.

"Spartans, let's go!"
The two Infiltrators under me looked at me quizzically as I motioned for them to go but did not hesitate to go forward. I stop them at the other end, waiting for there to be the signs of everything engaging.
Moving forward a few paces behind the others, I lay down fire with my SMG, killing two smaller enemies.
I cloak and quickly move to the Magnus lines. I cut a few down then move to avoid being shot at. {Lets show them what happens when you mess with the human race.}
Rounds ring out down the hall, splitting heads and forcing others into cover. Machine Gun fire lashes out around the hallway as the Heavy Weapons team lets loose.
As Kit fights the high pitched scream of a Banshee is heard, and to her surprise, her forearm had been hit, the round almost tearing straight through her arm, causing her sword to clatter to the ground.
I smile as the sounds of battle echo through the halls. I pull my combat knife from its resting place and turn around the corner. I pull back the head of a Feralin who had just fired a screaming Banshee and stab the knife into his eye. I pull the weapon from his limp hands and fire it at a Heavily armed Juvalin. I throw the weapon to the side and decapitate a nearby Safrilian. I note the two other Infiltrators firing their weapons upon the Magnus troops farther up as I take the Safrilian's Scorpion and all its batteries. I fire upon the troops closer and coming at us.
I kick over a Feralin and shoot it dead, switching to my energy sword as a Saffrillion approaches with it's energy claw. Grinning, I attack it and we exchange blows. Copperfield blows apart a Juvalin's head and beckons to the Wolf Pack. "Let's go Wolf Pack! Show them why we're to be feared!" Gerald was cutting them down with his double barreled beast, enjoying every moment of it.

"For the glory of Sparta!"
Spotting Kit getting her arm nearly shot off, I quickly move over to her, helping her behind some small cover.

"That....doesn't look good." I say, looking it over.
I keep close to Copperfield and the rest of the team, unloading arrows into anything trying to flank us...
War, we're giving you a bit of literary leisure. Have fun with this.
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her forearm had been hit, the round almost tearing straight through her arm, causing her sword to clatter to the ground.

I start beating the !@#$ out of SF. "No no no no no. A couple of millimeters of Steel-Silk can take an AP round a full inch could take a tank shot. Yeah it would hurt like hell but it would NOT pierce. And as I said in DA she wouldn't drop it she would just switch hands."

IC: (This comes before Dacders post) I hear a banshee round fire and suddenly feel a searing pain in my right arm. I look to see a Banshee round embedded in my right arm. I flip Hos to my other hand and drop behind cover. [Damn they have a weapon that is powerful enough to pierce Steel-Silk. Note to self; kill anything with a banshee first.] I say to myself in Kametian. (Stephany appears) "Yeah but I'll be fine." I pull out the Banshee round and grimace behind my helmet. "First time I've seen anything that can get through Steel-Silk."
"If you say so." I say, peeking out from the cover and shooting off a few rounds.
I place my sword through the Safrillion's gut and roll over. "It's called plasma, Kit. Sh!t can melt lots of things. You're lucky it didn't go further." Pulling out my shotgun, I blow away a Juvalin that got too close and placing my knife in his head to ensure he was dead. "You still able to fight?"
"Again, Adamantine, a near indestructible metal and plasma combination. Plasma melts quite a lot of things, and Adamantine again, is extremely durable."

I quickly duck behind cover as a Feralin with a Solarity attempts to fire at me. I quickly pop back up with a fully charged Scorpion and melt the Feralin's head. I jump over my cover and scoop up its Solarity and fire at the Magnus.
Taking the lack of response as a yes, I move on and continue engaging the Magnus. Eventually, I clear up an alley. "Set the charges!" The Red Ghosts move up, carrying breaching charges. "Cover them!"
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