Humanities Best, Part 2

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Take your time. I'm pulling from my reserves right now. RPing in two or three different places all at once is draining.
I lay down suppressing fire with my SMG, aiming for the head.
01/26/2013 08:53 PMPosted by Zarkun
Taking the lack of response as a yes

I REALLY hate this computer and you coulda given me a bit longer. As for plasma eating through Steel-Silk ... it is a fabric but it doesn't burn easily and just because Adamantium is a very durable metal doesn't mean it has the right properties to get through Steel-Silk.

IC: "Plasma doesn't really affect Steel-Silk and I'm always able to fight." I inspect the wound quickly and deem it fine for now, I would take care of it myself later. I grip Hos in my other hand, cloak again even the small trail of blood disappearing and hop over the cover I was behind. I cut down a Safrilion and just keep moving not stopping to let the same thing happen again.
Morph, Steel Silk has nothing on Adamantium. And the cloaking is going, going...gone.

IC: A plasma grenade goes off near Kit, shorting her cloaking system. A nearby Saffrillion activates it's energy claw and closes in, ready to kill her.
"Silent, tell me, what does have the ability to go through Steel Silk? Also, plasma is able to melt through almost anything. Actually, it is able to. Plasma is ionized gas. Stars are made of plasma, I believe."

I cover the breaching team, firing upon the face of every Magnus troop that shows its face.
OOC: Just to clarify, I believe (could be wrong) that only the most powerful stars are able to produce plasma.
Man has generated plasma, and they do it in Halo, so why can't we?
OOC: I was referring to the power of plasma...
01/26/2013 09:28 PMPosted by Zarkun
Steel Silk has nothing on Adamantium.

I never said that it did.

01/26/2013 09:28 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Plasma is ionized gas.

I knew this already.

01/26/2013 09:28 PMPosted by ShadowFury
Stars are made of plasma, I believe.

Yes and no ...

01/26/2013 09:28 PMPosted by ShadowFury
what does have the ability to go through Steel Silk?

Really Really big booms /trollface sorry couldn't resist. on a more serious note; the machine that is used to turn Steel-Silk into clothing/armor, since this seems to be a unanimous decision on your part: Plasma and Adamantium, Really big booms and stuff moving at hyper-sonic speeds. Here is a link to the fanfic where I got Steel-Silk from:

01/26/2013 09:36 PMPosted by Zarkun
Man has generated plasma,

Yes we have but generally in very small amounts at the lowest possible temperature, in very secure environments and scientists tend to wear heat resistant smelting gear when working with plasma.

I'm going to just drop this argument given it is getting us nowhere and taking up space for IC posts. Oh and did I forget to mention the Illusions?

IC: I run at the Safrilion and when it swings instead of hitting me it hits an illusion. I stab it through the gut from behind and then lop its head off before moving off and going after others. My cloak is cycling the whole time but will take a while to finish refreshing.
And I have to put the kibosh on the illusions. We explained that you had to work with us on the RP, and quite frankly, Kit's about to receive an honorable discharge and be done here. It wouldn't be so bad if you'd quit treating the Magnus like they're incompetent with her, but every time you post as Kit, it's like they couldn't put up a fight. I'm not being rude or picky, I'm being bluntly honest.
A single Juvalin Berserker comes around behind the CQC. "GET YOUR @SSES MOVING!" I yell down, looking for a weapon to pierce its tough hide.
I slam into the Juvalin's side as the Red Ghosts pick up the pace. "Not to day you don't!" I duck beneath his swing and bring up the energy blade, taking off one arm. The next blow clips my shoulder, spinning me around, but I recover and slice off it's head, cutting the main body to pieces to ensure not death spasms. "Rhys, we clear up there?!"
Fine I won't use em in a combat setting again unless it means saving a life. If you had been training for 40000 earth standard years would you think the Magnus were much of a fight? However I will tone it down ... some.
Training doesn't mean squat against an enemy you've never faced, Morph. Go for a twinge of realism for Gaia's sake. Even a spec ops soldier looses against a foe he's never faced before regardless of training, because they've never faced them before. Accept that Kit will take her lumps. So will Roslin, but that's to come at a later date in this fight.
"Only a few Paululus stragglers!" I yell back, heading back into the service route to gather my weapons.
The Red Ghosts hear that and sprint as fast as they can to the door, setting the charges. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" They turn away and the charges go off. I grin as the remaining Magnus break and attempt to flee. "Clean them up. Wolf Pack, Spartans, on me."
I let out a small battle cry as I break cover shotgun in hand firing at several straggling Magnus troops.
Gerald grabs Jarlburg's shoulder, stopping him. "Form up on the captain, we lead with them to take the bridge and capture the Arbiter."
I nod to Gerald and fall in behind the captain keeping occasional fire on straggling Magnus troops.
I come out of the service route and get ready to go through the doorway. Shadowfax, get me a layout of the bridge, I need to know where I can get some cover.

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