Humanities Best, Part 2

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Serrator appears in my HUD on the upper right side. Joseph, there is a considerable elite force inside. My projections say that the recruits will have to be smart about their movements to avoid injury and you will have to be more careful than normal yourself. I chuckle and nod.

Makes sense. Alright, ready the shield.

Of course, but are you sure it's ready? I nod and he vanishes from the HUD.
I fall in behind the captain with Hos at the ready. My arm hurt but I ignored the pain for now.
I come behind the captain as well.

"I saw that Juvalin hit you, you good?"
I nod, chuckling. "Just enough of a clip to spin me around. I'll be fine." {Waiting on you, Mikaela.}
I move up and fall in behind Capt. Roslin and check my quiver;
...about half full... thank the gods I had the sense to give these things interchangeable heads...
"Sir?... Just what exactly are we going to be facing in there?... I've got an idea..."
I say to Roslin.
Forgot about this as well.... So what happened and where are we?
"Nothing crazy, Eric. You'll be coming in behind me and I won't be dying due to friendly fire." I draw my energy blade and look back. {Still you Mikaela.}

Edit- You're with me and all the other RPers about to go in the bridge. You will receive your injury here.
We've battled out way to the bridge doors and are about to bust in and take on the ships capt.

"Oh... I was just thinking we could start this off with a nice barrage EMP grenades.. You know, even the playing field a bit, given how good their force is likely to be.. They shouldn't miss their shields too much..."
I say, grinning wickedly, rolling one between my fingers.
"I have a few plasmas as well if we are going for shock an awe." I comment towards Roslin and Stefson.
"Too risky. We need the battle net in one piece and if we EMP them first, we risk shutting down. Similarly, plasma grenades will destroy it, given their broad blast radius. So I'll lead the charge, and you follow."
I arrive nearby, with the Marksman and Heavy Weapons squads in tow. I stand by the door, and draw the Marksman Rifle, and click the safety off on it.
"Ready." I say.
I nod at the captain and prime my shotgun after making sure the clip is full.
I grunt, disappointed but not surprised;
"What about my EMP arrowheads? they've only got about a six inch field."
I say storing the grenade.
John was ready, his pistol was out, he was prepped to enter as well.
"Too risky. The Saffrillion's we're facing here will be skilled enough to catch it." I look everyone over. "Send those squads to clean up, minus the recruit. This should be easy enough, except for the Arbiter."
I look towards Sargent Gerald waiting for his lead.
"Skilled enough to catch it?... I doubt he'll do that more than once if I blow the arrow up in his face..."
I say wickedly, my mind spinning at the possibilities;
"Let's do this."
"Melee only for CQC. It's too close together with friendlies for anything less." Gerald and Copperfield nods, pulling out their respective melee weapons and turning to their teams. Gerald looks at Jarlburg.

"Tell me you have a melee weapon."
"Not an actual aside from my combat knife sir. If I had one it would be one from my home sector but in my exile I only have my armor and a ship nothing else. I can probably scavenge one from the xenos." I say as I sling my shotgun onto my back and begin looking for a melee weapon off of one of the dead Magnus troops.
You find one of the Gargan combat knives off a Juvalin. Gerald nods. "That oughta do it."

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