Humanities Best, Part 2

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I weigh the blade in my hand. "Reminds me of a few weapons from home. Heavy, dangerous, and unwieldy for many." I say rather satisfied with the blade.
"Then get back in position. We move soon."
I fall back into position readying myself for the assault.
I look similarly for a melee weapon, not having brought anything with for close quarters.
You find the energy blade of a Darsalin.
I wait for the order to charge my arm starting to get to me. I shake my head and continue to ignore the pain for now.
I grab a pair of combat knifes off of a Juvalin corpse and wait for the order.
I grab the energy blade and ready myself, simply waiting for the order to go into combat.
Sorry, Jester, but we'll start without you.

IC: "Let's bring 'em hell!" I charge in, knocking aside the energy claw of an elite Saffrillion and engaging him.
I follow behind the captain quickly engaging a nearby Saffrillion from behind sinking the Juvalin blade into its lower back and then kick it off of the blade and search for my next target.
I charge in as well, quickly dispatching several Paulusus before running into a Saffrillion. I quickly move to stab the energy blade into his chest.
An elite Saffrillion, most likely the second in command after the Arbiter, engages Jarlburg, kicking him back into the hall as the Saffrillion that Stephany engages blocks the thrust and counter attacks.
I slip one of the knives into my belt and charge a Juvalin. Ducking past his strike, I swing myself up his arm and onto his back, sliding my newly acquired knife hilt deep into the Juvalin's neck.
I dodge the counter-attack, driving my energy blade towards his exposed head, putting quite a lot of force behind it.
I come from around the doorway fire off several quick shots from my XM39, piercing the skulls of several surprised Feralins and go behind cover. I reload and pull out my SMG. I pop up from behind cover, firing small bursts at Magnus troops, ducking behind cover every few seconds.
The Saffrillion, a Field Marshall, side stepped and landed a blow on Stephany's gut with his fist.
I take off the head of a Safrilion easily and then move to combat a group of Paululus with a Juvalun. I take out the Paululus easily and begin battling with the Juvalin.

OOC: getting off for now please leave Kit as is I have a plan to 'knock her down a peg or two' but that will come tomorrow when I return from school.
How big are Saffrillions compared to Gladiators?
I grunt, but recover quickly, swiping at it with the energy blade, as he is still well within reach.
Not much taller, but generally, since many live longer than humans in general, more skilled for it. Of course, who said the Juvalin was done? >:3

IC: The Juvalin Eric had thrust his knife into grabbed his left arm and hurled him into a group of Paululuses. While the Gladiator would survive, the Paululuses would not.

The Field Marshall is caught by the swipe, surprised that the Gladiator had taken the hit so well.

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